90 Day Blogging Challenge – A Test for Bloggers

By | November 26, 2017

Blogging: Getting To $2,000 A Month In 90 DaysI just finished reading a book, “Blogging: Getting To $2,000 A Month In 90 Days (Blogging For Profit) by Isaac Kronenberg,” (just $.99 from Amazon for Kindle or Paperback for $14.99). In the book, it focuses on breaking old habits and blitzing a steady stream of fresh review content onto a niche blog to generate $2,000 a month in earnings or more in 90 days or less. The premise is you will break old habits, get used to writing a post in less than 2 hours a day, and create a full-time income for just 60 hours a month by taking the 90 day blogging challenge. In all, they recommend a minimum 2 hours a day for blog research, post authoring, video creation, and writing the actual review post.

So what kind of blog will we be writing?

Well unless you missed it the blog will be a review blog because they rank fast and they make money. Review blogs have some filler content around their niche but are primarily about putting products together with problems in your niche market. You need passion, problems, solutions, and time to make a great blog and make money with it. You need a passion for what you are writing about. Chances are toe fungus is not something you are passionate about and while some peopelcan write about any topic day in and day out your followers will love when you actually love your work because it shows in the final product.

You need a problem in your niche, if your writing about painting cars for example you might need to color match a 47 Pontiac who’s color has been discontinued and the solution might be a color guide from the original paint company that sold that color to the manufacturer in 1947, or an updated book of swatches that includes that shade. These could both be salable products paying descent affiliate commissions. Likewise the issue could be clear coat that runs or cracks and the solution a guide to getting proper clear coat paint consistency, or a new spray gun nozzel.

In my case the test blog of the formula will be on retirement, or more directly retiring early and I hope to begin adding articles on Monday.

Blogging challenge 90 days

90 Day Blogging Challenge, 90 blog post in 90 days.

Our newest blog Retire Early Pro is a great place to build a project like this because there are a range of needs for the successful budding entrepreneur in their 40’s to 60’s looking at early retirement and wondering what’s next. Modern businesses seem to be leaving you with a golden paracheute that leads to a world of unknown ahead. How and where will we live? What kind of health changes are we facing or can we improve on by making changes in our lifestyle? What kind of entertainment and hobbies might we explore now that we finally have the time to devote to them? Each question has answers with tons of products to help you reach the solution that is right for you. Start your 90 Day Blogging Challenge with a good niche. The book is just 99 cents on Kindle reader for phones, tablets, and PC.

Again the book is “Blogging: Getting To $2,000 A Month In 90 Days (Blogging For Profit) by Isaac Kronenberg,” (just $.99 from Amazon for Kindle or Paperback for $14.99)..

Blog Post Summary: 90 Day Blogging Challenge – 90 Blog Post in 90 Days for $2k monthly earnings.

Now comes the hard part, getting all the legal crap out of the way, plugins installed, and ready to worite by Monday. I am hoping you will enjoy this project as much as I do and I will gladly report on the earnings numbers and results as we go over the 90 day formula. The goal of the test is to put the author’s claim of $2,000 a month income in 90 days to task and see if we can get close to or surpass this lofty promise. Who knows it might change the way I blog forever.

Andy Zeus Anderson


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