Affiliates Do You Suck at Social Media?

By | May 22, 2016

Affiliate Marketers SUCK at Social Media

You heard me in a whole we as affiliate marketers suck at social media. Maybe not you, or me in general but 99 out of 100 affiliate marketers known nothing about social media. They leave way too much money on the table and don’t support each other so nobody supports them back.

Do you Suck at Social Media?

Let’s look at some basic social media aspects that affiliate marketers suck at.

The like button: While now a part of every major social media network be it Like, Favorite, +1, etc.. this little button provides feedback to let us know what is good content and what isn’t but affiliate marketers only seem to click it on their own ads and there in lies a major problem. Ads are NOT good content. Repeat ADS ARE NOT GOOD CONTENT.

The Share Button: Also called a Like Button, Re-blog, or Re-post this little button is why some affiliates make millions and others make pennies. See a page, a video, a Meme, a info-graphic, none of them can go viral unless they get shared on hundreds of social profiles and websites and since 86% or better of our friends and followers are home business owners like we are, there needs to be more social interaction among affiliate marketers in social media.

The Comment: Done right a comment will send people back to your profile ready to add you as a contact. That will never happen if you SPAM people and really never happen if you don’t comment on other people’s good content. Making a great comment is pretty easy. Relate to something in the post you like and expand with your views on that item. Along the way you will build your personal brand and trust in you.

The Blog: If your blog reads like an advertisement for your product or membership opportunity you have screwed yourself. People spend over 1.3 billion a year on ad blockers and anti spam technology and name it as a core desired feature in internet security software. They don’t want to read your crap if it is an advertisement. They do however wish to read HONEST REVIEWS with both the good features and bad features of an item or opportunity covered. Here are a couple examples, Example 1, Example2 . You notice they don’t just pitch the item they did into features left out or negatives from internet feedback and in the case of the SFI review it addresses all the negatives said about the program in poison pen reviews, nothing to hide, 100% honest.

The Meme: This is a viral image and a major screw up opportunity for affiliates. See affiliates love to tease in their meme or add things like buy now or the price, etc.. A good Meme will have an industry specific image, not a product picture but something like a popular food dish, or someone living a healthy lifestyle, seniors working on their finances etc.. It will then give a link to your related topic blog which will have more great content, not advertisements to meet the reader.

The Info-Graphic: LOL We don’t tend to use them. Nope we miss one of the most powerful tools in viral media because we don’t use it or if we do we botch the job and make it an advertorial instead of great content. A info-graphic should give interesting facts or a ordered process. Example would be to outline success steps and put them in a flow, or explain the phases of a Marketing Funnel, the most popular would be a history of a company or product’s niche.

Video: The biggest beast enters the room and it can make you look like a Jackass on grand scale. I personally have screwed this up with under use or for a former business creating more marketing videos than I did tutorials and industry news. Before even looking at video make sure you have at least one consistent day a month and preferred 2-4 times a month to release regular videos in the niche. Again make them good content, even if it is just a read through or discussion of a blog post you did, make sure it is interesting and fact filled and people will subscribe, LIKE, Share, and Comment. Soon a great video like the one I did for Google Helpouts will take wings and draw thousands of people to your video, and to the link associated with the video for more information.

We fall down on supporting each other and that in turns leaves us without support.

If we like a video the first reaction for the other party will be to see who is liking their stuff, especially if we share or comment because smart marketers know that having people Social Media Puzzleworking in your niche share your content is the fastest way to get in front of more people who are interested in your products or offers. Likewise sharing content from within your affiliate niche market gives your followers more great content to devour and a better overall opinion of you.

A prime example is my Twitter Feed that I use for training affiliates.

I have it drip feeding a continuous, semi random, supply of content that runs around the clock but is focused on business, social media, and affiliate marketing with only periodic placements of product recommendations or reviews and content on my blog. At the time of this post I am nearing 12,800 engaged followers, getting an average 4 retweets 8 favorites, and 1 @replies per top content post and a steady stream of thousands of visitors to my sites and blog pages every month for FREE.

Let’s put this in perspective. My Twitter list is 12,800 , my Facebook is 800, my Google Plus is 1600 and other accounts roughly 3800 combined followers. These are like 19,000 leads for my business or subscribers to my list because I can share product recommendations as long as I feed them constant content that keeps them engaged and reading my post. The best part is that I have 19,000 subscribers in social media that cost me nothing to procure and maintain contact with and if they were e-mail subscribers it would cost me over $200 a month to get the same kind of reach.

I said Affiliate Marketers Suck at Social Media and I am positive you have found at least 3 items in this post that you can do better but here is another secret to make sure you find out the power of social media. The blog is where your social media begins, and commenting on this post could bring you a much needed industry authority link to your blog or blog post. Every comment has a link you can submit and while I edit and remove direct affiliate links and links to advertisements I approve links to blogs with good content in this niche and to social media profiles like your own Twitter Account. Heck I may even follow you.

At the top right of the page is a set of social media links to follow and connect with me in person via social media. I am very real, very approachable, and love to answer your questions but it helps if you are a subscriber or social media friend so I know you aren’t just going to throw a link at me and say join this. Those Affiliate Marketers Suck at Social Media.