What will I blog about?

By | August 24, 2014

This week in our continued training on developing a blog to drive sales we will be discussing the question, “What will I blog about?”.

Every person on this planet is different from the day we are born through trials in life and personal growth. We all have different interest but given the number of people in this world, for every interest there are millions of people that share it. Your interest could be passive interest like what type music you like, or a passionate interest like that Pop Star you have a crush on, or your Hobby Train Set.


passion in blogging sells the story


A passionate interest is something you do or would like to do and could spend hours or days doing it and not be bored.

Passion drives sales and passion drives readership. Passion drives each of us to research a topic and find a style of our own and form dynamic opinions to share. It can lead us to speaking about our interest as a preacher to the congregation, and can inspire us to new heights of blogging.

Finding your passion means finding your blog niche.

For every passion or niche there can be hundreds or even thousands of related products and I guarantee within a couple hours of research you can find several items you would normally use in doing what you love that also have an affiliate program. In our study we are looking at TripleClicks where nearly six thousand vendors are offering just short of 100,000 different products at the time of this post.

A quick search of TripleClicks and we can pair Baseball Cards and Albums to the card collector, we can buy gardening tools, cook books, radio controlled toys, stamps, coins, craft supplies, artwork, you name it. We can find products that fit in with our niche and relate to our passion by the dozens and earn commissions off each.

So this weeks task are as follows:

1. Write down a list of at least 10 things that interest you.
2. Take your list and separate it into passive interest and passionate interest.
3. Search TripleClicks for items related to your passions to develop niche marketing ideas.
4. Pick at least 1 niche or passion and write about what you love and why you love it.
5. Post that writing to your newly developed blog we told you how to install last week.

When all of that is done I want to read what you have written. I want to see your raw passion and will help you refine what you have written so you will have a good model for moving forward. My passion is in teaching internet marketing and blogging to the millions of authors and would be bloggers on the net. Send those post to me via my address listed in your SFI back office.

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