Blog Equals Free Targeted Traffic Why We Blog

By | November 9, 2013

Promotions on Autopilot the Advent of the Blog

Imagine a place online where the instant you post an article a little electronic message goes out and alerts hundreds of major search engines. That same little message get’s you ranked within 24 hours in Google, and sends all those search engine spiders to make sure they have indexed all your newest content. All while a second bot if you lack a better definition alerts your social following and starts a viral journey across the Internet at the speed of word of mouth? This is why we blog!

Making Money With Blog

Well folks that’s what a blog does and it’s why I have used them for the past decade to generate a steady stream of traffic that goes where I tell it.

See all I have to do is research and produce great content, or gather and compile the public domain and syndicated content of others. Fact is I can go to any of a few thousand sources and find something my readers will like that is totally free for me to share and by tonight I can be seeing fresh new visitors on my blog pages. That’s a powerful tool.

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I mentioned being able to take that traffic and send it to any destination I want.

Well, between my written word and the actions of images, links, and banners I can choose from thousands of affiliate links to locate additional products and resources that continue the quest for knowledge or goods that began on a search engine far away, then funneled to my blog and now informed wants to put action in motion. All I have to do is choose the right product for the crowd I have drawn and give it to them at the right time.

Conversions and click through.

I posted a few days back a new page on the blog called Buy Wholesale (editors note, this page has been pulled since promoted seller has changed their affiliate agreement), it is basically a one page business plan for starting your own e-commerce business without having to handle any inventory, mess with shipping, or otherwise a nearly hands free business opportunity. Being a page it didn’t get the power of RSS and ping services adding it to the search engines but it’s on my blog so a natural progression of visitors to my other home business and online marketing post send over 100 laser targeted visitors in the first couple day to that page. Click through rate on the banners for the Doba drop ship wholesale club membership were 10% of the page visitors.

Yes that’s 10% click through which if you are an avid affiliate marketer chances are you have spent countless hours trying to reach a 4% click through. I’m getting 1 in 10 visitors to that page to click through my affiliate links. So all I have to do is generate more traffic and let DOBA convert at their typical 4% rate. Every DOBA conversion is $50 in my pocket for the referral so I stand to make $200 per thousand targeted visitors to the buy wholesale page. Even if I get half their average conversion and only 2% start a monthly membership with them I would still make great money for a little work.

To tap into this extra money I just need more traffic that is targeted to online business owners.

That’s where we get back to blogging. I can write a post like this and add links to the TripleClicks Program and generate more traffic. Those links become citations of the page as something special on the site and increase the page’s rank in the search engines. That in turn becomes even more traffic. The RSS feeds for these articles will send the engines in and they will spider the post and it’s links and send even more targeted traffic. The social broadcast built into the WordPress Jetpack plugin will tell my 10,000+ friends and followers about this new content and again I will see more traffic.
All I have to do is write informative post targeted at people like you who want to make money online.