Changes Coming

By | November 17, 2016

Expanding our vision for theFreeGuru

When I started I was looking to bridge my knowledge in marketing under a brand that has existed on a small scale for over a decade. That brand was in marketing and as I have been developing my blogs I realize that I am doing a lot of duplicate work across several domains. In short I have been writing almost non stop about marketing related topics and frankly I get burnt out writing about the same thing all of the time.

With that said, marketing and business are still and always will be a part of theFreeGuru

Freedom Street SignAlso in that same instance I said part of. See theFreeGuru is taking a bold new step to embrace my passions for politics and conservative opinion, it will also cover trends and more open social topics. We will address business in a new and expanded light, and may even add additional topics such as sports as more authors sign on to the project.

We do expect this to be a bit of a culture shock compared to the existing blog, but the change should be pleasant to most members. For those seeking marketing talk only we do have a sister blog that will remain on these topics and program specific education at

So how will this blog be operated in the future?

I will be writing about all my other passions and for that it will end up as a therapeutic release and help me deal with my bipolar depression as much as it will help me to vent frustrations, share joy, and be creative on multiple levels. The kinds of topics are ones I write and share information on daily via social media so expect a lot more quality content both from me and from around the web.

Post will often be shorter, and may seem somewhat random but by random I mean not stiff and boring. There will be exciting things like news and collectibles, sale alerts, and product reviews. I will share my taste in music and art, and manly stuff too. I bet you didn’t know I also run a successful biker page on Facebook and own a related domain name for V-Twin Men.

Things like this will come to one home.

Thank every one of you for being a part of this journey, may you find something enjoyable and debatable in the weeks and years to come on this new format.

Andy Zeus Anderson