Dealing with rejection-Your Affiliate Marketing Business

By | March 25, 2015


In marketing, as in life, the one thing you can be sure of is rejection happens.

Rejection happens more often than success when we ask for a raise at work in our JOB, it happens when we ask a pretty girl or handsome guy out on a date, our children will spend most of 18 years rejecting us because they don’t like what we try to teach, and in this business there will be thousands of people who never even look at our sign up form and hundreds who join but don’t see the value we see and just let their accounts go inactive. If we focus on this rejection it is easy to get depressed and discouraged.

Dealing With Rejection In Network Marketing


Fact is though, we do spend too much time focused on rejection and it becomes our enemy.

  • If you have ever complained because your sponsor isn’t active and holding your hand you focused on rejection.
  • If you have complained because your affiliate or downline are inactive you focused on rejection.
  • If you have complained because using direct contact in social media or locally, even with your warm market get’s doors slammed in your face, you have focused on rejection.

Fact is these rejections are test of our faith and persistence and are meant to make our eventual reward that much sweeter. We are meant to have to knock on every door in the neighborhood to get 1 new affiliate because then we value and commit to helping that affiliate succeed. We are meant to find victory but victory is only victory if defeat exist so we must look defeat in the eye, laugh like it’s child’s play, and be victorious.

You can not prevent or avoid rejections so as Jack Zufelt says, “We all face rejection so you might as well get paid for it.”.

Drop this idea that because you are shy, haven’t finished high school, didn’t go to college, don’t have much time, etc.. that all you will ever see is rejection and failure and go out ready to fail over and over again until you find your success story. You can do this if you put your mind to it and your mouth and fingers to work.

Andy Zeus Anderson