DS Domination Scam Alert

DS Domination Scam Alert – Don’t buy DS Domination it’s a Scam.


I just wasted some time but paid close attention to a major DS Domination Scam in which the seller explained all you really need to know about this crap offer in the sale video. He’s offering a so called E-bay Title Optimizer as the only product of value and advising you to buy things for retail on Amazon.com and then jack the price up and resell it on E-bay. Basically their business plan is to teach you to rip people off by tricking them into paying more than they have to.

DS Domination Scam Alert

No Joke you can do better for free.

The DS Domination Scam doesn’t tell you any of the following. There are hundreds of companies in the U.S. Alone that are what is called drop shippers. These companies will supply you sales materials for selling their products at full retail which is often less than the Ebay Price. You then pay them the wholesale price which is less than the Amazon Price and they ship the product directly to your customer. You never have to have a bit of inventory and in most cases there is little to no up front cost.

Not only do you pay less, your buyer pays less, and you profit more running a legitimate honest business that satisfied customers will buy from over and over, all for around the same level of effort. I noticed he didn’t even show you that these power sellers he was telling on pay huge advertising budgets that you also have to cover out of the few dollars you scam off the unknowing.


It’s time to restore trust in our industry and stop letting good people fall victim to programs like DS Domination.

Andy Zeus Anderson

Update DS Domination Is A Scam:

I am going to say this one more time. If Target bought their goods at Wal-Mart and doubled the price you would probably yell scam some of you think it’s just retail practice but it’s called price gouging and when you attempt to hide that markup through deceit it becomes a fraud.

I am flattered though at the sheer number of people who have a financial stake in DS Domination flooding these pages to scream it can’t be a scam because they like selling this flagrant fraud without one bit of counter material that would stick. The owner claims to have made millions selling stuff bought on Amazon for higher prices on E-bay, but saying that doesn’t make it so and it doesn’t make it ethical or even legal. Even if he did and could prove it it still just means he has been a successful scam artist over and over.

The big red flags that stick out are the fact he calls buying on Amazon and using their free shipping which is personal use only service of a paid membership drop shipping, but even their own websites have a page set to rank for the term DS Domination SCAM to try to bury any alerts or reviews that would out this scam as a scam. Honest companies don’t take time to create a page /mycompany-scam or send their inner circle and JV members out to verbally attack a little old fat man like me for telling the truth.

What is funny as hell though is that in all the rush to try to silence me, these folks have put me on page 1, first result for DS Domination Scam. That has resulted in over 200 new home business visitors this week alone. The more they wish to get me off page one the more they put me there. They are even trying to write negative reviews of my review which is giving me inbound links and making this article harder to topple. Folks you are not just pushing a scam but your strong armed tactics to try to get rid of me are acting more like steroids to the message.

Honest programs with a legit business plan don’t need muscle, don’t need to raise false flags, and don’t need to slander people who give a negative review. Grow Up or Get Lost!

Video was thanks to one of our commentators and explores the legality of the comp plan and throws another major monkey wrench into the SCAM Alert for DS Domination, you can now add Pyramid Scam to the status of DS Domination. Troy Dooley is highly respected and gives a very in depth review.

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94 Replies to “DS Domination Scam Alert”

  1. They don’t mention e-bay ad costs, monthly e-bay membership payment, and Amazon Premium payment to get free shipping.

    And what happens when customer sees that the product was shipped from Amazon sees the lower price and asks for a refund?

    Your friend,

    Luis Antonios

    1. Yes, all of it is explained in detail if you listen to Roger and his DS Domination. That’s what makes it great – there’s no stone left unturned, and no scenario he hasn’t covered.

    2. I was a seller, and still have my e-bay account available, at that time they had a $9.95 per month subscription for members with active items.

      I understand that Amazon has a Premium membership if you want free shipping, else where they have a over $35 shopping with free shipping, too, but these have specifications.

      But if you want to be a profitable seller on e-bay you have to promote your items, just relying on ebay visitors, if you are not a powerseller, it is going to be very difficult to succeed.

      There is a great difference between the occasional ebay seller and the full time seller.

      Probably, Andy and his detractors will never agreed.

      I am a frequent college textbooks online buyer and I have seen the great difference in price from one website to the other, sometimes even 200 % markup, a site sells a book for $85 and on another site the same textbook is for $200. Is that fraud?

      Never thought of it as a fraud, I just buy the book from the lower price one, I compare, probably another buyer saw the $200 book and bought it without price comparing, that’s his/her choice,

      Your friend,


  2. How can I access those dropshipping companies that you say are available offering prices lower than e-bay and amazon?

    Thank you.

    Luis Antonios

  3. Search Google, Yahoo, or any search engine for Drop Ship, Drop shippers wholesale, and dropshippers wholesale to find hundreds of listingings. While not free my favorites are SMC and DOBA with the latter offering the lowest wholesale prices I have found on name brand electronics including hot sellers like Computers, RAM, and Build your own kits. Membership is around $100 a year if I remember right but they come highly touted and are very reliable.

    On your other question there are always going to be fees but the cheapest start is adding proucts to Triple Clicks where you have no up front listing fees, less competition, and only pay when product is sold. Your goods are also promoted by 1 million affiliates who generate millions of monthly page views and a ton of sales network wide. If interested click on the ECA banner to your right to sign up free. It’s the one with the mouse and money and the big blue letters that say FREE.

    Thanks for stopping in and dropping off some great comments.


  4. How is it ripping people off? It’s consumerism. For example, Target employees don’t sit and create the products that Target sells. They’re drop shipped (many unfortunately) from Africa. The same thing happens with Wal-Mart. And DS Domination is consumerism at it’s finest. Example: Yesterday I bought a jogging suit from Wal-Mart. I knew it would be cheaper if I drove a half mile further to Target and bought one there. But Wal-Mart was closer and especially – more familiar to me. So, I know paid more. I didn’t care. DS Domination is the same thing. The products may not be made by Ebay, but I’d challenge you to find me any that are (especially without a mark up) so why not do just as he says? Some people will look on Amazon, others are just familiar with Ebay and will buy there without caring. Just as I did with Wal-Mart, even though I knew Target would have what I wanted at a lesser price. No rip-off. It’s capitalism, and the United States is a capitalist country!

    1. I kinda agree with Elisa. I haven’t tried this but i have been reading about it. I dont really agree that its ripping off. Your ripping yourself off if you dont search for other prices that would be crazy. I’m just saying. Im thinking of doing in Elisa not sure whats holding me back yet but I’m building myself up day by day to do it.

      1. That’s like saying the person who bought Raybans on the street corner for $100 off is the scam artist because they let themselves be fooled. This guy is teaching people to buy retail and look for a sucker who will pay too much for it. Sorry it’s a bad business plan and it is fraud.

        1. By all means, please let us know what legal fraud is. 🙂 Good luck. In an American court of law it’s extremely difficult to prove and it has to be proven that one party means to damage another party. For example; in this case, Amazon, (who incidentally works WITH Ebay on these transactions and vice versa) means to harm them. Can you elaborate? 🙂

          1. Fraud is to purposely deceive another for willful gain. But my guess is no matter how much I write to prove my case you will never accept the answer because it isn’t in your best interest to accept the answer. Whether you’re an affiliate, a spouse, a member practicing these shady practices, or what your deep personal stake is you don’t want to hear the truth that this program is devoid of ethics and harmful to legit e-commerce sellers.

          2. If what you say is true, and I will quote it: “Fraud is to purposely deceive another for willful gain”; isn’t that exactly what stores do when they jack up prices to wholesale? Isn’t that, in fact, what everyone does on Ebay? Even those who are independently selling?
            That’s why I specifically asked you to let us know what “legal fraud” is. It’s an extremely difficult thing to prove and must entail a combined array of details for which there are very few if any in DS Domination. It’s really not much different than a lot of new “businesses” online that use a lot of hype (i.e. fraud?) to get people to buy.
            That’s the truth. And it cannot be refuted.

          3. Ha! It sure can’t. The real scam is charging people a monthly fee for training materials that can be obtained independently. I posted a comment below, that I don’t think Andy will approve, providing a link to Amazon where you can buy a book showing how to arbitrage Amazon’s products on eBay.

          4. So, you send someone else to the store, or by your items via the internet. The go – between is just a way to make it easier for some. It’s still business, and still not fraud.

          5. I’m curious how is it fraud Andy when you list an item on Ebay to sell at a certain price, the buyer agrees to pay the price it’s listed for, and you ship out the purchased item exactly as it was stated in the listing? Andy it seems you haven’t the first clue as to what fraud is. But I guess that’s what gets you to page 1 of google eh? ;-).

          6. So how long have you promoted them that you refuse to read logic and common sense and apply it to this scam operation. I deleted several post similar to yours from DS Affiliates trying to salvage their commissions stream. It’s pathetic that you attack me for telling the truth and I am not going to sit here all day repeating myself because you will still not listen to reason. This post wasn’t about number one on Google I have many number one post it was about warning good people about a immoral company preying on fools.

          7. I could sell you a jar of sand for a $1000 or a pound of gold for $3. Either way if both parties are in agreement with price and product or service, it is not a scam. By the way, I don’t know anyone, including myself, who is involved in this marketing strategy. You seem a little obtuse with your replies to commentors who don’t subscribe to your definition of scam or fraud. If I forgot to bring a coupon with me to the store, then I frauded myself!

          8. OK let’s just say that to me a deliberate action intended to dupe or defraud the unknowing is a scam, others may choose to believe it’s just business as usual, but I prefer ethics as a norm and am tired of sleazy half backed products that sell you a business plan that simply reads ignore site policies and human decency and aim solely for the money. As to how I responded I did lose my cool a bit because the DS Domination people hit this site in mass trying to word whip me into silence. I got defensive, but hell it’s my blog I can defend it all I want just as you can come on here and disagree with how I defend it.

          9. I think it’s simpler than that. Any business based on buying at retail and selling to lazy people is doomed to fail. Shoppers are getting smarter. The fraud is to sell it under the premises of a great business model. It’s not.

            There is a book about it on Amazon, which tells me two things; firstly you can learn to do it from a one off payment instead of subscriptions, and secondly it’s old hat, not worth wasting your time on.

          10. It’s just another play on the old adage, “there’s a sucker born every minute.” If people are stupid enough to buy stuff on eBay that costs more then Amazon, well, let ’em go at it. The saddest thing about this whole DSD thing is that it shows you how to make money by counting on people being stupid. Not fraud, not illegal, just sad.

          11. Best to check with Amazon to see if it is legal or not. The people making money with this are the ones reselling this “program”.

          12. It is legal. Amazon welcomes arbitration because it is another revenue and affiliate stream for them. You can buy a book on Amazon showing you how to list their products on eBay!

          13. It’s not whether so called arbitration is allowed it’s the theft of service involved in abusing the Amazon Prime membership to use it as a drop shipper instead of the spelled out personal use policy. It’s not a service where one person pays, and 10,000 benefit from that same fee deal.

          14. Perhaps that is why the training in DSD specifically states NOT to use Amazon Prime. You may know that if you had gone through their training.

          15. DS Domination specifically teaches NOT to use Amazon Prime and Amazon will shut down the account of anyone using Prime for dropshipping. so there would be no point in teaching DS Members to do that, because they wouldn’t be able to use Amazon anymore if they did. DS Memebers are trained to only use the Free shipping for items over $35.00.

          16. You don’t need DS Domination or any other program to make money. Do your own research and save your money for operating costs while your eBay funds are held until customer confirms receipt of product and satisfaction.

          17. I agree and by searching out drop shippers as stated in my article you can find free and paid services to buy at true wholesale and mark up to suggested retail or below and make a larger profit while being honest with your customer. Ethics is the main aim to this post and DS Domination is far from ethical.

          18. That’s because they’ll make more money if they resell it. I wouldn’t recommend that, but I have listened to DS Domination’s video and I think it’s the best way to make money that I’ve heard of on the net – especially for those who don’t know html, or even want to know. Still, I do agree that if I were a part of DS (and I’m not) I wouldn’t attempt to resell it for more. Not because it’s fraudulent. Business enterprise isn’t fraudulent or there’d be a lot of car salesmen in trouble. No, I wouldn’t just because it wouldn’t be necessary for me. After I learned the ropes, I’d go it alone. No need to pay a middle man after that OR to resell his products for him when I could brand the same type of business for myself. That’s capitalism!

          19. Now Elisa this is your only warning. I deleted the post where you were so desperate to sell this scam that you called one poster a liar when you have no way to know that because obviosly you didn’t read the Amazon Terms of Service and started implying in other post that because we didn’t think this scam was worthy we were socialist for speaking against this SCAM (read above and watch the video) It’s a criminal business with a criminal pay-plan run by folks that would tell you to price gouge grandma simply because she’s old and don’t know any better. You also questioned my integrity and that is way out of line you are on my blog and can be off it in a heartbeat if you don’t slow your roll.

          20. So you delete people when you don’t agree with their statements, or it opposes your view? What type of “fair” moderator does that?

          21. No there are plenty of opposing views approved here what I delete is derogatory comments, name calling, and SPAM such as the pricks who keep trying to use my comments area to promote their DS Domination link. Nobody get’s abused on this blog, if you choose to curse my name and call me all sorts of profanity on your own blog, so long as you don’t defame or slander me I will respect that. This is my space, I pay to be here and darned sure am not putting up with that kind of behavior from the scammer masses who feel so threatened by this post they are making it massive viral trying to bury it.

          22. You also deleted a comment of mine that you didn’t like because you didn’t like that I alluded to that person as lying – but, in fact, s/he was. I contacted Amazon myself and sent screen shots of DS Domination. There was no “number to call”. All queries have to be sent via email. So I did..and I have heard nothing back after a whole month. It’s logical to say they didn’t care to answer me because they’re obviously unconcerned about it.
            Unfair and unbalanced on your part, Andy. Also, Ebay gave the thumbs up for DS Domination.

            Don’t take my word for it. Contact them both yourself.

          23. Yeah people seem to forget that they have freedom of speech on their own property, their own home, public places, but not in a privately owned business. This is a privately owned business and I will not have it trashed and degraded by a criminal trying to make me look bad so they can sell their scam easier.

      1. Walmart drop ships from other retailers. Check their website. You will see item supplied by XYZ Company. So Walmart is now a fraudulat company?

        1. For one, Wal-Mart has suppliers, not drop shippers but even if they did do drop shipping, DS is not what the scam is. With DS Domination the pay plan is a ponzi scheme promising cash if you pay for the right to make money. With DS Domination you are also taught to buy at retail and then find unsuspecting victims to jack the price up on, at another site. It’s dishonest at the minimum, and will not build you a sustainable business. It is damned sure not the product that promises you a professional business of your own. Wal-Mart has never bought anything at retail for resale at an inflated price.

    2. The scam isn’t in drop shipping, the scam is the fee he charges to get the information to drop ship and his methods he tells you to use. You can start drop shipping for free or minimal start up cost from any drop shipper. But list your product on ebay and have amazon ship it free because it’s over $35.00 is violation of Amazon’s TOS

      1. That may be true. But read the post I left for Andy above regarding whether Amazon cares or not. They’re in business, and regardless of their TOS (just like YouTube that has TOS and rarely use them)..I have a feeling it’s just for legal purposes.

        1. 1st Scams don’t have to be illegal, they just have to be shady. Why would you want to buy Amazon Retail stuff and Hike the prices to sell it on ebay, when you could go to any drop ship company and buy it for wholesale and still make a profit on ebay, but undercutting Amazon’s Retail???

          1. That’s not exactly true: scammed, scam•ming. n. 1. a fraudulent scheme; swindle.
            2. (tr) to swindle (someone) by means of a trick.

            verb: swindle; 3rd person present: swindles; past tense: swindled; past participle: swindled; gerund or present participle: swindling
            use deception to deprive (someone) of money or possessions.
            “a businessman swindled investors out of millions of dollars”
            obtain (money) fraudulently.
            “he was said to have swindled $62.5 million from the pension fund”
            synonyms:defraud, cheat, trick, dupe, deceive, fool, hoax, hoodwink, bamboozle; More
            informalfleece, con, bilk, sting, hose, diddle, rip off, take for a ride, pull a fast one on, put one over on, take to the cleaners, gull, stiff, euchre, hornswoggle;
            “I was swindled out of money”
            noun: swindle; plural noun: swindles
            a fraudulent scheme or action.
            “he is mixed up in a $10 million insurance swindle”synonyms:fraud, trick, deception, deceit, cheat, sham, artifice, ruse, dodge, racket, wile;
            all of those are illegal with the exception of “deceit”. But in context – they’re all illegal.

            Why do people want to buy from DS Domination? Probably because it’s easier than what you’ve proposed.

          2. Thank you for posting the actual definition, along with synonyms……..Scam can be a trick, you can be duped or deceived and it can be legal. Carnival’s do it all the time with their games. We all know it’s a scam, but we play the games at the fair anyway. Not all scams are illegal was my point and you proved it by posting the definition.

      2. @Lasher820:disqus You have mis-understood Amazon TOS. You can use Amazon as a supplier to drop ship on eBay you just can’t use Amazon Prime to do it! Amazon Does Not have ownership of the merchandise being sold on their site! Amazon is a marketplace just like eBay is! The Manufacturers and the third party sellers have ownership of the products not Amazon! Amazon owns Prime and they also own the videos.

    3. I definitly WILL buy at another, unfamiliar store, if my usual store charges an unreasonavble retail price! A big difference between $999 and $1499. That is srewing folks, plain and simple.

  5. Great post Andy. Thousands of people are falling for this scam. I checked with Amazon and they DO NOT ALLOW persons to “arbitrage” their products on ebay without taking physical possession themself. They will also cancel your Amazon Prime free shipping if found out.

    1. Amazon will not cancel your membership unless your using the prime to ship free to your customer. they will take the business any way they can. no way this is a scam if a buyer see’s value in the item they are buying then that is between the buyer and the seller no one else. I have sold on eBay since 2001 and will continue to sell my own products but will also sell items dropped shipped from amazon and others as I can not match their buying power so many time even my wholesale prices are higher than their retail prices.

  6. Such BS here… Amazon loves the program, eBay loves it, and millions of customers don’t bargain shop. Just want good service and like eBay. Amazon items over $35 are free shipping for everyone. All the cost are figured in at the DS program. This Yuma jerk has no business sense obviously.

    1. Why does Amazon have a Price Arbitrage policy and place limits to the use of free shipping if they love it so much? Granted they are greedy and don’t police their site well but that’s not support for fraudulent behavior.

    2. if DS Domination is a scam then every convenience store and every movie theatre in America is also a scam. How many times have you gone to a convenience store and bought something that was cheaper at a supermarket? I mean think about it! DS Domination is making items more convenient for people on eBay! I have seen items on ebay listed by big companies like overstock not get any sales and a dropshipper who is obviously using overstock as a supplier sell the same item with a $40 mark up. How is that possible? Because the dropshipper out tittled Overstock! this is what DSD is doing.

    3. There is a difference betwen business sense and integrity, some here lack the latter.

      After weighing the remarks, I’ve decided not to join DS Domination. I’ll find a few good dropship wholesalers to do business with, even if I make less money.

      1. At the end of the day you must be able to live with the person you have become and if you are dishonest it will haunt you no matter who you are. Somebody will always find out who the crooks are and someone will always know how you conduct your business. You will. Thanks for the great comment.

  7. There is no ethical responsibility to tell people if they are getting the lowest price or not. Also, some of the sites that DSD teaches allow you to find items lower than you could get on Amazon. The problem is you don’t know anything about the training other than the one teaser video you saw and now you’ve created an entire scam website about it. Sigh. Also a bunch of people keep talking about Amazon Prime! Yes using Amazon Prime to drop ship is a violation of their policies. This is why DSD teaches you not to use Prime. Get your facts straight. I have learned of dozens of sites that the average person doesn’t know about where I find deals. Are you saying that It is my ethical responsibility to call everyone on eBay and let them know they can get the product cheaper there? Give me a break. This “Scam” site is a joke. Being a loudmouth and calling something a scam really sternly doesn’t make it scam. Finding a deal and making a profit is not a scam.I also do not have to OWN the product to middle man a deal. Amazon itself is a drop shipper. So are they scamming people for listing items from other companies direct? Real answers to your supposed real arguments.

    I’m a real estate investor. I buy properties from Wholesellers. They don’t do anything to the property but find it, mark it up, and sell it to me. Why is this not a scam? Is it their responsibility to tell me what they made or that I could get it cheaper if I buy from the owner?

    Just because someone thought up a clever way for people to drop ship and it’s unorthodox does not make it a scam. Wake up guy. I’m sure you are selling something on this page which Is why I barely pay attention to this stuff, but I just had to give my two cents. Let me guess…you sell an e-Book or you own some drop ship training company?

    1. I never said you had to tell people you were getting the lowest price but if the sample sales materials show the inflated double the retail cost being advertised as save money now is the norm of this program’s tactics then it’s a training system for price gouging scammers and con artist not legitimate retailers.

      Notice how I don’t have to personally attack you guys yet you DS Domination Affiliates think you have to badmouth me, call me names etc.. You are proving my case that you are nothing more than thugs and bullies looking to take people’s hard earned money. Stop coming here acting all pissed off thug and folks might take you a bit more serious.

      1. Andy,

        Case and point. You have not actually gone through the training yet you’ve created this elaborate website against the company. Your point is to get traffic and I understand that. That to me is unethical. Lets go through your arguments so you won’t fill so “Picked on” because you’re just a nice guy calling us all scam artist and thieves.

        1) ” I am going to say this one more time. If Target bought their goods at
        Wal-Mart and doubled the price you would probably yell scam some of you
        think it’s just retail practice but it’s called price gouging and when
        you attempt to hide that markup through deceit it becomes a fraud.”

        – First off, your example doesn’t make any sense because eBay and Amazon are not equivalent to Wal-Mart and Target. Amazon and eBay are not competing retailers. This is your flagship argument??? How is posting something to eBay at a markup fraud? If I put a pen on a table that costs me $50, wrote a piece of paper on it that said “Buy now for $70” and someone walked by left $70 and took the pen I defrauded them? That makes absolutely no sense. I could see if eBay somehow involved high pressure sales tactics or I had to talk to each customer before they bought you could maybe make this argument. The only advantage we have is a “Title Builder” which you said was of some value lol. Posting a picture and a price is not fraud because YOU think it is. Lets take this argument deeper. At what point does it become fraud? At what dollar amount? From what website? Is it only Amazon? What if I get it from another site? Now it’s not fraud? Is making $10 on amazon fraud but not $5??? Your argument is not logical.

        2. The big red flags that stick out are the fact he calls buying on Amazon
        and using their free shipping which is personal use only service of a
        paid membership drop shipping, but even their own websites have a page
        set to rank for the term DS Domination SCAM to try to bury any alerts or
        reviews that would out this scam as a scam. Honest companies don’t take time to create a page /mycompany-scam or send their inner circle and JV members out to verbally attack a little old fat man like me for telling the truth.

        – This is the biggest lie you’re spreading. At no point is anyone told to use PRIME which is what you’re preferring to which is not accurate. Their free shipping for PRIME members is completely different than their free shipping for purchases over a price point. If you’re going to run around yelling scam at least get the facts straight. Let me educate you a bit. All items on Amazon over $35 qualify for free shipping…You don’t know this? Please provide me in their policy in terms where using this free shipping is a violation? Sorry Andy, you’re not even telling the truth so maybe this is why people are here frustrated with you.

        I’m sorry if you feel bullied Andy, but there’s one thing I don’t like. It’s someone calling something a scam with ONLY knowledge of a sales funnel. That is the same as me watching a Wal-Mart Commercial and creating a scam campaign without ever walking into the store. Maybe you should take some time to reach out to the owners and find out who they really are and quit acting like you’re being abused or there is some conspiracy within the company to have everyone come attack you. Your only arguments are Price gouging and misinformation on free shipping policies.

        You didn’t rebut a single argument of mine which shows me you don’t really care to debate you’re just trying to get traffic to your sidebars and probably profiting off of this traffic in someway. I’ve seen it with so many affiliate program. Someone creates a scam site trying to piss off all of the affiliates then starts pretending to be bullied. Then you look around their site and they’ve posted ads everywhere and eventually start referring people to some site they make money off of.

        1. What everyone is missing Is that the scam is NOT in raising the price. The scam is in taking items from Amazon without Amazon knowing that you are drop shipping the item. Amazon is really providing a service for your “customers” and they are unaware of that fact.. I personally called Amazon and asked them myself if that is allowed… and the answer was NO. so Andy has good a point in his article..

          1. Mo what are you talking about??? Amazon is a drop shipper. No other reply needed to this comment. Come on guy.

          2. Lol it’s ok for Amazon to drop ship but not to drop ship from Amazon? Lol funniest thing I’ve heard yet.

          3. What he’s getting at is the fact Amazon’s Prime membership is for personal use not to abuse and use to force them to pay for shipping for your commercial endeavor. Amazon is not a drop ship wholesaler. Their system was not created to be a wholesale supplier, or to handle 100% of the stock and delivery while you jack up the price to sell to someone else. Ya’ll are getting desperate here if you are trying to attack other commentators on this blog. Just deleted two moronic comments that just made the poster look like a fool trying to attack other members on here will only get your post deleted folks.

          4. That’s not true, and I hope you’ll forgive me if I tell you that you did not hear anyone from Amazon say “no” nor that it was not a practice that’s allowed. Amazon is a business, and it’s obvious from some of the seedy people who sell there that Amazon doesn’t give two sh*ts who is selling what from their site…so long as it gets sold. Do you honestly believe that Amazon doesn’t know? And if you think that, with all you people who claim to have called..don’t you think they’d suspect and go to Ebay and call a few people on it? But instead, what are they doing? Do you even know? They are joining hands with Ebay and Wal-Mart. It’s about money, people. You live in a capitalist society, so this is how it works If you don’t like it, don’t complain about Obamacare and socialism.

        2. Actually Amazon offers thousands of the products listed there directly but the point is buying retail them gouging prices is dishonest behavior in the minimum. You mention me not taking their training and my question is why would I invest in any program that promises to teach me behavior I deem unethical and dishonest? It makes no sense. I also didn’t create an elaborate website just to hit this scam I merely wrote one article that turned out to resonate with more people than I had planned. Since my writing of my opinions of the program to my home business readers I have been under constant barrage by people who have a vested interest in selling the program and not one of the arguments was any more foundational than my own opinion of the program. I stated my case and I have been kind and allowed those who didn’t resort to name calling or place
          commercial links in their post to present their own ideas as well. Some folks will agree with you, many will also agree with me.

          1. Fair enough Andy,

            My point was not that you would take the training but actually that you would research the training. Watching a sales funnel is only giving you a quick view of what he teaches and you’re making a judgement based off of it which is fine. We can agree to disagree because some people are going to say this is unethical while others are going to see nothing wrong with it. Ethics are debatable and I’m sorry if I came off too aggressive. I appreciate you allowing me to voice my opinion and thank you for the response. Take care

          2. Andy, it would be the same thing at any job in the U.S. Any company you work for pays you very little compared to what they’re making unless you’re the proprietor or C.E.O. You will be paid AFTER they take their hefty stipend, and they give you what they believe you’re worthy per hour. Now that’s arrogant and wrong, nonetheless it’s how it is. You’ve just been drop shipped..i.e. the go-between for money changing hands. You have your opinion, and that’s fine. But the program is not a scam or it would get shut down fast. It’s all over the internet so it’s not like the D.O.J, wouldn’t have probable cause. Fact is, people have the right to use other people’s money, to buy things from Amazon by way of Ebay and hike the price up. That’s fair play even in any socialist society. And that’s what DS Domination offers. If it weren’t so saturated, I’d do it in my spare time and I’ve never done anything against the laws of the land..never.

          3. May I butt in, I’ve read most of the exchanges here and I am a bit confused with what is being called, scam, fraud, unethical, etc. How could it be unethical if I buy an item at Amazon for $2 and then turn around and sell it to my brother for $5? In the case of DS Domination, it’s the exact same concept, you buy a product from Amazon at the listed price and then turn around and resell it through ebay with a little bit of mark-up. Isn’t this what business is all about? If you own a store, how in the world would you make money if you sell your products for the exact price that you paid for them? I think the bottom-line about this business of buying and reselling is that if the customer is willing to pay the price of a product that you are selling, it doesn’t really matter what you paid for in obtaining that product to resell.

          4. Owning a business and BUYING WHOLESALE to sel RETAIL makes you money not buying RETAIL then PRICE GOUGING! Got it this time or do we need to keep stating the exact same thing another 50 or so times. This argument is lame, I don’t know who is handing you guys this singular talking point but you’re following a dipstick.

  8. Because there is a point where fair competition and free market stop and price gouging and deliberate fraud begin. The initial sales video crossed that line in my opinion and didn’t clarify well enough to keep Joe Schmo from going out and conning people for some pretty serious bucks. As to buying retail and selling at a higher price if that’s your regular business practice then you know why you are a small and not a LARGE business. I have a small business making Jewelry and another performing website services, in neither of them do I purchase product or service at retail and jack the price up.

  9. I listened to this presentation and it just did not sit well with me. But that’s just me. Illegal? Nah. Scam- I don’t think so. Rip-off? yeah. But hey- I guess I’m an old-school consumerist!

    1. It’s only a rip-off if you don’t get what you want. No one makes you buy anything. It’s up to the consumer to look around for the best prices – not the seller.

  10. While I understand and respect what is “getting Andy’s goat”, I don’t fully agree. I am not a part of DS Domination thus far, but I don’t see where it’s a ripoff. It’s called savvy buying-and-selling to make a profit. For anyone who feels it’s a ripoff, you would NEVER want to buy a house unless you paid cash for it because if you finance it, the minute you sign the promissory note, it becomes a check that’s deposited into a bank. Your signature made it an actual check for the Federal Reserve to monetize up to 9 times the amount. What happened at the settlement table was not a “sell”, but an “exchange”. So because your signature added the full value to the promissory note, you actually paid for your house at settlement. THEY DO NOT DISCLOSE THAT TO YOU – nor do they disclose that your signature is going to make them 9 times the amount of that promissory note that became a check because of YOU. THEN, they send you a payment book to start paying principal and mostly interest on a house that you already paid for with your signature at the settlement table. Over 30 years, you would have paid 3 or more times the amount considering the interest; BUT – if you miss a few payments after paying on time 10-20 years, they’ll foreclose on you even though that house has been paid for (by you) over and over again – starting with your signature. Once the foreclosure goes through, they get to sell it again, obtain a brand new promissory note from some unsuspecting buyer, and start the process all over again on the same house. If THAT’S not a rippoff, I don’t know what is; yet, it’s accepted as the norm. So in my opinion, if anyone thinks that all the non-disclosure in the mortgage process is NOT a ripoff, they should be WINKING at DS Domination’s process which is merely called making a profit in business. With the ripoff that’s going on with the Federal Reserve, I’d say warning people about that is a much bigger fish to fry than people making a little profit (in comparison) with DS Domination.

    To me, it’s like saying a seamstress is ripping you off by buying material at wholesale and then selling the outfit retail
    to some “unsuspecting person” who has no idea that the seamstress only paid $50 for it. The seamstress may sell it for $300 to one person who turns around and sells it for $500. It’s not the seamstress’s fault, nor is it the second seller’s fault that the consumer didn’t search for the best price. So if anything is learned at all, I think the biggest argument is that the burden is on the buyer to learn to shop around for the best deal. Unlike gas prices, Ebay and Amazon shoppers have many choices as to how much they end up paying for most items.

    1. It’s a rip-off in the sense of knowingly selling a product at a higher price than what you know another person or business is selling it. But no one makes anyone buy anything – neither from Ebay nor from Amazon. This is a very level playing field.

      1. How would you react if you bought an item on E-bay and then get the item with the postage markings that it came from Amazon? 🙂

        1. I have before. I don’t care as long as the product is in good shape. I think that’s all anyone cares about since Ebay propagates selling via Amazon. The two are sister companies and it’s right in the rules and regs. for Ebay. You can read them right there if you like.

    2. It’s about time someone with some sense is speaking! Great post. I own a real estate company and the funny thing is…I have wholesalers who make $10,000 some times $20,000 on houses they mark up and sell to me. If the deal works I buy it. I don’t care what they bought it for and it’s not their responsibility to introduce me to the owner so I can get it cheaper. If the price is too high…I don’t buy! I pass up a lot of deals. I don’t call them scammers for trying to make money on a deal they are 1) Adding no value to and 2) Just passing along to me going “Do you want to buy this house?” Nobody is upset about DS Domination. It’s not a national issue nor is it some state issue. Nobody on that level gives a crap and either do most people on eBay. Most people are going to buy a few items on eBay and it’s usually luxury crap. Andy is treating it like DSD members are raising the price of goods (Soap, Water, Food, and Toilet paper) People are buying useless goodies from us. (Furniture, Toys, Gun safes, Toaster ovens, expensive baby cradles) I think this thread has pretty much died out. Don’t think it drew the attention Andy was hoping and I doubt the commissions from the site he’s pumping have been significant. It’s fun to chat though 🙂

  11. Actually DOBA pays me $50 per person, I have a full disclosure of the for profit nature of this blog and it’s advertisers. I have not made any commissions on DOBA yet and the DOBA mention on my Buy Wholesale page was created well after this post when people started asking that I provide a real example of a drop shipper. DOBA is a leader in wholesale buying and the cost is a membership which most wholesale clubs charge to limit access to those serious about their business and in this case it covers a lot of training each year. DOBA membership is highly rated and the company is rock solid unlike the DS Domination Ponzi Scam.

    1. So is DSD legal or not. Does the FTC deem them as a Ponzi scheme. Are they listed with the BBB? If the business model is not legal than sure it’s a scam but if they are a legitimate business and listed appropriately than its the buyers discretion as to what they are willing to pay. A product or service is worth only what someone is willing pay for it.

  12. There’s a little thing we use in business called Math. When you use Math it can help you figure out things like percentages and profit margins. When you use this magical thing called Math you can usually find out what you will pay and adjust your price. There are also these magical things called percentages. Ebay and Paypal let you know what percentages they are going to charge you so you can put the two magical things (Math and percentages) together and make money. The problem is that it’s not as easy as you think it is to go out and just “Do it on your own” I have had many friends try and guess what…most of them lost money. $20 to learn a simple system is not a lot of money. There is no pressure to upgrade to any other program and my advice is use your profits to upgrade if you would like to. Plenty of people have made a substantial income just with the $20 training. See the problem is here that you are just running your mouth going “F DS Domination!” They make money by charging you a fee for training….WHOA are you serious!?!?! What a scam! I got charged $40,000 for training once. Biggest scam I ever fell for. It was called College.

  13. All of the reasons you stated is why it’s important that people get trained on how to drop ship. Most people I know that did it on their own 1) Lost money 2) Constantly have items that are out of stock 3) And don’t understand holds and fees.

    Good thing DS Domination trains you on all of this 🙂

  14. Doba has had a number of people buy the membership and then fail to turn a profit, so has Wholesale Giant Specialty Merchandisers Corporation, but overall among retail professionals they have a great reputation and MASSIVE business, that’s the reason when people started asking about sources for real drop ship companies I selected Doba to offer.

    Doba cost are less when you buy the annual membership, and they are a broker of sales between you and the provider companies and as many have experienced they do sometimes have items that due to popularity are on back order. It doesn’t matter what legitimate wholesale supplier you have this will happen. Look at all the out of stock items on the shelves at Target or Kmart.

    What get’s me is the number of people who keep comparing companies that buy wholesale and sell at retail price to their business model of buy retail and find a grandma who doesn’t know any better to pawn it off for double. But even if you’re only in it for the money on the affiliate end a Pyramid Scheme it still is, so it is a scam on multiple levels.

    I am surprised this article has still been subject to so much abuse and seething from DS puppets. Fact is it’s you folks keeping this post alive, it rolled off my front page weeks ago, and while it has had a lot more traffic than projected the post was done to inform people of dubious and misleading business practices. I did delete the post from one idiot today though who was asking if it’s a scam why am I making money? Well the simple answer to that is you got luckier than the tens of thousands that just got ripped. Making money happens with Drug Dealers, it don’t make their trade legal.

    1. I love this post too! Excellent, Andy! I wandered over here from Facebook then Google and I’ve enjoyed your blog. Keep up the excellent work! BIGHUG l

  15. I know people who go to walmart and buy dvd’s out of the clearance bins and turn around and sell them on ebay for 5 times the amount. Is that illegal? Nope.

    At best its a violation of amazon TOS.

  16. I was told I could join first month free using “cash out” so I purchased something for $7 which put $21 into my balance on DS dom, and then it didn’t carry over to pay for a month membership, so they told me put my credit card in, then it would simply use the balance and not charge me WRONG! now I am out the $21 plus $19.95 on my credit card. AND THAT’S NOT ALL I went to the page per instructions to cancel and it says “sorry this page does not exist” – so how do I cancel except to cancel my credit card? otherwise it is a monthly recurring charge. lovely

  17. Correct me if I’m wrong, but by reading the terms of service of both DSD and Amazon (posted below), anyone who has even a rudimentary understanding of the DSD process can determine that not only is the DSD process unethical, but that it’s principals openly engage in and promote the violation of law as well as the violation of their own terms, which, warrants their own immediate termination from their own program as indicated in their own terms..

    DSD Terms of service:


    When accessing the Site or using the Service, you agree to obey the law and to respect the intellectual property rights of others. Your use of the Service and the Site is at all times governed by and subject to laws regarding copyright ownership and use of intellectual property. You agree not to upload, download, display, perform, transmit, or otherwise distribute any information or content (collectively, “Content”) in violation of any third party’s copyrights, trademarks, or other intellectual property or proprietary rights. You agree to abide by laws regarding copyright ownership and use of intellectual property, and you shall be solely responsible for any violations of any relevant laws and for any infringements of third party rights caused by any Content you provide or transmit, or that is provided or transmitted using your User Name. The burden of proving that any Content does not violate any laws or third party rights rests solely with you.


    Company has in place certain legally mandated procedures regarding allegations of copyright infringement occurring on the Site or with the Service. Company has adopted a policy that provides for the immediate suspension or termination of any Site or Service user who is found to have infringed on the rights of Company or of a third party, or otherwise violated any intellectual property laws or regulations.

    Amazon Conditions Of Use:


    All content included in or made available through any Amazon Service, such as text, graphics, logos, button icons, images, audio clips, digital downloads, and data compilations is the property of Amazon or its content suppliers and protected by United States and international copyright laws. The compilation of all content included in or made available through any Amazon Service is the exclusive property of Amazon and protected by U.S. and international copyright laws.


    Subject to your compliance with these Conditions of Use and your payment of any applicable fees, Amazon or its content providers grant you a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sublicensable license to access and make personal and non-commercial use of the Amazon Services. This license does not include any resale or commercial use of any Amazon Service, or its contents; any collection and use of any product listings, descriptions, or prices; any derivative use of any Amazon Service or its contents; any downloading or copying of account information for the benefit of another merchant; or any use of data mining, robots, or similar data gathering and extraction tools. All rights not expressly granted to you in these Conditions of Use or any Service Terms are reserved and retained by Amazon or its licensors, suppliers, publishers, rightsholders, or other content providers. No Amazon Service, nor any part of any Amazon Service, may be reproduced, duplicated, copied, sold, resold, visited, or otherwise exploited for any commercial purpose without express written consent of Amazon. You may not frame or utilize framing techniques to enclose any trademark, logo, or other proprietary information (including images, text, page layout, or form) of Amazon without express written consent. You may not use any meta tags or any other “hidden text” utilizing Amazon’s name or trademarks without the express written consent of Amazon. You may not misuse the Amazon Services. You may use the Amazon Services only as permitted by law. The licenses granted by Amazon terminate if you do not comply with these Conditions of Use or any Service Terms.

  18. I promote Network Marketing not MLM, there is a difference despite the number of MLM people trying to take over the term. With SFI there is no mandatory auto ship or purchase required ever to make money. Products are priced by the retailers and if they are inflated it is their poor choice not that of SFI or TripleClicks. All TC Direct items are priced under full retail value of the product. Commissions are paid only on product sales. The affiliate program is no different than E-bay affiliates with the exception of having a multi tiered profit share you earn based on the sales activity of your team. SFI is BBB Accredited and has 16 years of creating success. I don’t promote scams, or unethical business practices.

  19. Lol this article was funny. So say I want to work at a retail shop. Ok…. Where do they get their imports?? Obviously from an outsource company that charges 90% less to them. Then they take those items and jack up the price so that not only do they get the money back they invested, but also to make a profit! Wow! So all the shipments from china are way under priced compared to retail price … Hmmm makes sense… Why would the retailer sell items at the cost they purchased them for? That wouldn’t be negligent. Then those retail stores hire people to run the stores. Among those hired they promote management, assistant management, leaders, key holders and regular staff…. Hmmmm what shape does that make… A triangle. Then the consumers purchase a name brand item for 200% more than what the retailer paid the supplier. So I guess we can all ALL Retail a scam! Right? Yes.

    In order to get to these places consumers must “invest ” time and money to get there… So that must be a scam….

    Or a pyramid……


    If people think the price they are paying is fair then it’s fair.

  20. Well let me say I have been doing this so called money making opportunity for over a month now I got a lot of different things listed trying to sell. It’s a joke nothing is selling. Don’t waste your time or money on this SCAM

  21. The overall problem we have now a days is people look at things one way and one way only. My first and probably still reaction was to think is it doesn’t pass the smell test morally. I wouldn’t call it a scam or fraud or anything like that. But for some, it doesn’t just feel right. For others, its okay as they have stated with many examples. And you can’t explain it because people will see what they want to see. But as I researched it further, I do have to agree it is an interesting way to make money. I can see why people are excited about it. Its pretty much the old game of doing the least you can do and getting the most out of it, nothing wrong with that. I can think of worse, illegal ways people are making money.

    As for people saying its a scam because these products do not exist or are hard to find… I am not involved with DSD in any way. I am not selling or an affiliate. Well, the very FIRST item I looked up on amazon to see if it was selling on ebay was positive. Within the last month they sold 5 units at $120. Amazon shows it listed for $99. The problem I had was 1st – the seller had the word “sale” in their name and 2nd – they showed it regularly selling for over $150 but their special price was $120 wow! I think this just take it to a whole other level but that’s just me.

    1. I call it a scam because the product teaches you how to victimize people new to the internet or who have some form of mental deficiency that impairs sound judgement. Sure, that’s a moral dilemma if you want it to be but let’s take a different type of product for example. If a real estate agent takes a piece of land and buys it at the full market value, then tells you it is worth more and sells it to you at twice the market value, will you call it your mistake or call them a scam artist? Add in the fact the pay plan is a pure Ponzi Scam where you pay for the right to earn money from recruiting others who pay strictly for the right to earn money and it’s a scam all around.

  22. I believe that one can earn much more from other online earning methods than this one. This method is so full of stress and waiting. I would die of a heart attack with so much anticipation and waiting all the time..

    1. Yes, I am often amazed at the amount of energy and thought expended by the criminal element online to create the next scam. If they focused on building a legitimate business they could be just as successful, not have to look over their shoulders for cops, and it would last where these scams have them having to come up with a new one every 6 months to two years when they fail.

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