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By | September 28, 2014

This week let’s talk about driving sales through niche marketing,


The first key to successful niche marketing is reaching your prospective customer at the right point in their decision making process. To do that you need to understand how those decisions are made and learn to jump into the though process with the right information to help them along.

In a sales funnel you may start with all traffic into your site, this is post discovery.

Discovery is the part where the customer or potential customer learns of the product and decides to seek more information. Then it’s shrunk to the total number of targeted visitors there solely for your content. The next level of filtration will decide who wants further information on your subject AKA becoming a lead. Then there is the informed buyer ready to compare prices, and finally the reader who is ready to buy.

The numbers are arbitrary.


Your job is to tailor content to fulfill the needs of buyers at all levels but with sharp focus on those who have already decided what they are buying and are looking for pricing and added benefits like rewards programs, free shipping, cash back, or even financing.

Product suppliers typically cover the specifications. Specs are important in the initial discovery phase and the comparison phase which is where many review sites enter the decision making process offering 2-3 options to fill the needs of the consumer and comparing those specs or features to help make an informed decision. During this phase a customer can go from deciding to buy a new phone to deciding to buy an iPhone 6.

Make Money in Affiliate Marketing

The next step closer to buying is the second research phase.

During this phase the user will be looking for more specific information on the iPhone 6. They will compare add on features like what size of internal memory is needed, and if they want to have the larger screen size of the Plus version for example. They may also decide on which carrier to go through for service on their purchase. Each of these things is a opportunity to grab the attention of a customer ready that is to buy.

As an affiliate you need to be the site they are getting those final details from at the bare minimum and offer them a finalized solution via your affiliate link. If you get good at addressing all levels of information needs you will be able to create your own sales funnel and lead the prospective phone buyer through the process until they finally purchase their iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 plus.

You need just a few things to go with your computer to be a success in affiliate marketing.

Tools you will need include:
  • A blog or website to place your content on, preferably self hosted on your own domain name and hosting account where you will get the best results in search engine marketing.
  • An autoresponder comes in handy for capturing leads and informing the reader of new content related to their interest.
  • An affiliate link for the purchasing of the goods and any accessories that you may suggest.
  • Targeted visitor advertising. You need to reach people who want the exact information you are offering.

The skills needed are no different than those needed to be a sharp consumer. You need to have an idea of what information is most needed in your niche marketing and have a structure that will help people fo9llow from point A to point B with little time lost. Do it well and you could be the next 6 to 7 figure earning affiliate.

Andy Zeus Anderson