Be the EF Hutton of Social Media Marketing

By | August 17, 2013


E. F. Hutton made his fortune off brokerage but can be considered a pioneer of social media marketing.


E. F. Hutton for those who don’t know was an popular investment broker in the 80’s and early 90’s. His Advertisements drew attention to his reputation for good advice that was so good his commercials were simple.


The setting: A room full of people like a restaurant, a bar, a luncheon, etc.. E.F. Would be standing in a group of business dressed people and the minute he goes to say something the room goes silent. The announcer says, When E.F. Hutton talks, people listen.


His reputation for accurate advice was legendary, and the one liner in it said more than enough.

Social Media Marketing is exactly that type of effect.

If done right, when you type a blog or post and article, add a video, or even toss a photo out there your followers should think so highly of you it stops them in their tracks, and they are focused on what you have to say. You build that reputation through things like the Q&A with Mike and Nev on one of my Successful Blog Tips post. Offer good information, be accessible, answer questions, follow up with research, treat people as humans even if it’s difficult or they are heckling your post, and help others first.


People will ask how do you get them to see your business or buy your product and that’s by getting them to familiar ground for more information. You start building the following and then build a blog up or static website with more information related to your products. Write blog post in 2’s with on on your social media page linking to a follow up on your blog and have your ads or suggested solution there. Let the site you own do the selling but in a informative and rewarding manner instead of a hard sell nothing but a banner or link in your face approach.


I don’t know how, or I am not good at it are just B.S. excuses. If you don’t know, LEARN! If you aren’t good, PRACTICE. Andy Zeus Anderson


Don’t use lazy or fear of failure as an excuse to SPAM. The judge wont buy it any more than the potential customer you scare off. Social Media Marketing is not rocket science, it’s people science and you learned it in Kindergarten. Golden Rule’s apply here. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

EF Hutton Social Media Pioneer

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Think about those Internet Marketing communities, places like Apsense, IM Faceplate,  or Adland Pro, and you can see what happens when you only advertise and don’t focus on the people. There are tens of thousands of members who have one goal, to show their offer to you, and nobody has the mindset of stopping to check out other people’s ads. The E-books tell you that stopping and checking out other offers is a poor use of time that will have you spending money instead of earning, and those other folks have read that same book. To get them interested in your offer you need to provide the services and training they seek, so get started as a broker of information and be their E.F. Hutton.


Social Media Marketing is not that hard when you get started on the right foot.


9 thoughts on “Be the EF Hutton of Social Media Marketing

  1. Harold Gardner

    I think you analogy is powerful, but perhaps a bit extreme. As an aspiration, I hope that everything I post is a pearl. I find that reasonable and caring communications may not be earth shattering, but sometimes will have just the right impact.

    1. Andy Anderson

      Extreme goes viral. We have a passive voice that is one in the crowd and a Lion’s voice that is King of the Jungle, Hutton was a Lion.

    2. Andy Anderson Post author

      Well extreme is what goes viral. If people are hanging on your word because of the level of help you give they are more apt to like, share, retweet so being the person who when they talk people listen is exactly where you want your social media voice to be.

  2. Michael

    Good, thought-provoking post. We tend to associate terms like “social media” with the advent of computers and the Internet. At its core, however, good and effective social marketing requires real content and value above all else.

    1. Andy Anderson

      Yes Social media is that friend telling you how good the special is at Ma’s Diner. We have been social beings since time for man began.

  3. Jason Wagner

    I like the post…I really do, and I’m kind of shocked I was ignorant of this fellow.

    1. Andy Anderson

      Texas to Florida during the early to mid 80’s his commercials seemed to come on the TV every break during the various news shows and daytime talks, mom’s soaps etc.. I was a little shy as a young one so I wanted to be like EF Hutton and be able to stand in front of people and say all I wanted and have them listen to every word. Funny how even a commercial can have that kind of impact on a kid. EF was my role model of respect.

  4. TVisio

    Sure, he had a work ethic but it did not hurt to be handsome and marry a rich wife who could shut up and listen! Just sayin…and btw…Roll Eagle!

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