Home Business Marketing Strategy Development

By | May 9, 2016

Developing a Marketing Strategy for Home Business

We will hit on the overall development of home business marketing strategy but for the Home Business Entrepreneur. There are often serious budget challenges. If you have a couple hundred a month to put into advertising or marketing tools and services you are among the lucky few. Still there are some with huge budgets to see success sooner rather than later. I mean all these Gurus losing $20,000-$50,000 before cracking the secret code can’t all be lying right? Err.. Umm…

Marketing Strategy Graphic

Well maybe but there are a ton of real stories of people buying into companies like MOBE. Going all in from day one and there that’s like $22,000 for all the courses and seminars. Every product you can imagine selling and not many of them make that investment back or anywhere close to the income they dreamed of. There are other systems out there that cost $997 a month to buy in to make money. Some of those starting out in wholesale who have entire garages full of merchandise they can sell Many of these people paying for every $2,500 seminar or course online to try and understand this arbitrary code.

This is the Home Business Secret Code Of Success and it’s simple.

Strong customer service skills like the mantra of service above self… This is the motto of Rotary International, an organization of business owners who raise funds for local, regional, national, and global charitable acts.

Great Service above self interest attitudes start with giving massive value free to build a list and. Get people interested in connecting with you. It’s spending countless hours in social media sites, forums, on Skype, or via your own support chat on your websites. It’s remembering birthdays and anniversary dates even if aided by a CRM or customer retention manager, and it’s taking time to connect with people person to person.

SAS interest above all is about increasing your value to people by increasing the number of solutions you provide. In my business every one of you needs two core items or you simply wouldn’t have read this far.

  1. You need knowledge because you have many questions even if you aren’t yet signing up and leaving them in the comments section.
  2. A must have is Marketing and Advertising tools and services that won’t rob you blind.

Knowing this I can go out and find the best of the best products like last week’s WP Content Discovery Review which explains why we bought the unlimited license for our blogs here at theFreeGuru, and SFI Advantage. The latter two sites are still in development. We also plan for it’s use on our future search engine at wheredthey.com and even our soon to be developed biker lifestyle blog VtwinMen.

We get our content out to more places using the native ads. They don’t cost us more than showing the content of other bloggers and home business professionals. Our sites to get a massive supply of exposure and TRAFFIC.

abstract marketing strategy conversion data

Back on track here because you need to know how to develop a Marketing Strategy.

Now that you know the secret code of affiliate marketing.

The first thing you need in developing a marketing strategy is to do a budget. You need to know the resources you have to get started. Some things every successful marketer will need are as follows.

  1. Hosted Blog with your own Domain Name using WordPress.
  2. Auto-responder such as Aweber
  3. Graphic Creatives such as banners, splash and capture pages, and viral images. It’s best to buy software like Adobe Photoshop or Fireworks which are now a subscription instead of $600 a piece you now get all of Adobe’s tools for under $100.00 a month. Pressed for money you can download Gimp for free.
  4. Stock Images, we bought the yearly membership at GraphicStock.com with unlimited access to over 300,000 images, vectors, and illustrations with full commercial use licensing.
  5. A word processor like OpenOffice.org provides this service for free.
  6. Keyword analysis tools like Jaxxy which help you find low cost high traffic, low competition keywords to target with content and paid budgets.
  7. Social Media Tools like SocialMonkee and TweetDeck, and Justunfollow.com to clean your follower and following list of deadbeats,deadaccounts,and bot scammers/Spammers.
  8. A Link tracking service like The Real Tracker from Leads Leap. (free or paid)

You can see that while some of these tools are free others will cost money either up front or monthly.

Many of them have massive discounts for annual subscriptions. My wife and I do with as many tools as possible when we get our tax returns in. We save probably $1100 a year between Aweber, GraphicStock, Jaxxy, SocialMonkee, and our hosting accounts. Plus a training membership I have that is really awesome as even an old pro like me has learned a lot from it.

Planning your Home Business Marketing Strategy.

You have to know where your potential customers or business partners are coming from. In This example we will use social media at the top of our funnel. We will include both the ground game of networking with people, And providing content on your Facebook Pages, and a Big Game Hunting License like Facebook, or Twitter Ads. To grow the audience and thus the number of leads you have.

A funnel must have a Source: Social Media

Marketing funnels must have a Trigger: Knowledge and Gifts

A funnel must have a Collector: Lead Capture and Autoresponder

Proper Funnels must have a Destination: Your website, product page, or affiliate program.

Smart Marketing funnel must have a Method of Retention: Social connections, remembering birthdays etc..

Good marketing funnel will have a Viral Component: Share-able content, pay by tweet gifts, viral e-books etc..

Online marketing funnels must collect tracking data.

Social triggers, splash page split testing, and banner conversions data is valuable to future marketing improvement. This practice will lead to increased conversions which means more sales.

Many think a funnel stops at the point of purchase. But, you need to find more than a one and done use for your contacts so you can re-market and keep the relationship live, in demand, and filled with trust. As you get to know the tools I listed above you will see how each fills a need in the Funnel Layout.

If you are thinking this is a lot of expense up front please remember that a Marketing Funnel takes time to develop and thus you can spread out the expenses over several months or do what Cary and I do and buy annual subscriptions during tax season. I will follow up with an article on How to find money you didn’t know you had so you can further develop your tools chest and marketing strategy.


Social Media Business Marketing Strategy for Home Business

WARNING! Only Idiots post ads in so called advertising groups on Facebook etc.. These SPAM Groups will get your program, website, product banned from social sites, listed as toxic or SPAM. If watchdogs like SPAM Haus and Akismet list your business your reputation will be destroyed. Because of this tempting criminal act that everyone else was doing. What’s worse is it violates the terms of service of these sites. Twitter and Facebook like sites can press charges and get you fined or even imprisoned.marketing-plan-book-for-promotion-strategy_MkR2NEwu

Those groups are filled with people looking to promote something. They not looking to join or buy something so you get poor results.

Social Media should be treated like meeting a person at a business or social gathering. You wouldn’t walk up to a stranger on the street with a megaphone in hand screaming BUY MY PRODUCT NOW!!! would you? If you would you might get assaulted, jailed, or just laughed at and no sales would be made.

Introductions go a long way.

Instead you have to introduce yourself. Learn about each other, and build at least a minimal amount of trust. Do this before the conversation shifts to your business or product. You can make use of Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google Plus pages. to list product or program details and features. But the initial contact needs to be two friends, meeting for the first time.  I see people fail at this EVERY DAY and it sucks because the knowledge is out there FREE.

Make learning a Social Media Marketing Strategy a priority in your business. Learn to develop and share great contacts. Approach people with like interest, and be a friend first and a business once your connection blossoms.