Installing a WordPress Blog

By | August 8, 2014

Installing a WordPress Blog

To get the ball rolling on our training series for promotion of the TripleClicks program and individual Vendor called ECA or E-commerce Associates, offered products, We have to first focus on building your website or blog. The easiest free tool to build a successful business is a blog, but we aren’t looking to teach you FTP, or messing with Databases this early in your blogging career.

If you want to do it the hard way and manually install WordPress on your hosted domain name there are thousands of videos on doing that on YouTube.

For today I have located a simple and straight forward tutorial on using the quick install feature at GoDaddy. This system is available with most webhost but I have selected because of their up-time reliability and average page load speed which comes from having blazing fast servers that are not overloaded with too many accounts.

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As you can see from the video tutorial you can be up and running with your own website on the domain of your choice in a matter of 5 minutes or less.

You may have noticed I didn’t go into a big spiel on selecting a SEO domain name or adding keywords in your domain and other tricks poorly trained SEO’s and Fake SEO’s love to teach you. Fact is most of the top websites on the planet have no keywords in their domain. Instead they are short and memorable like Google, Facebook, Youtube, and What I put higher stock in is having something you can say in a video and everyone can spell it easy without having to see the domain.

A good example of a bad domain would be and a good one would be as an example.

The goal here is marketing and long domains, hyphens, and clever misspellings simply suck for marketing. Take it from me, my last team project reached over 3 million monthly unique visitors and my current list of domains to develop are all like,,,, etc… You get the picture. Short, memorable, easy to spell.

Need WordPress Hosting for your New Blog?

WordPress installed at sign-up, no manual install required at PB Saver

Some will also tell you to check for great domains that already have links built and traffic to them or existing page rank in Google. In some cases this can be a good thing but the domain would have to be from a site that hosted content similar to what you are going to put out and all those old broken links will need to be found and have 301 redirects to similar information to do you any good.

The easiest domain to build a name and rank for is a new domain that doesn’t have the negatives of re-branding an existing domain.

When you have selected a domain and installed WordPress be sure to contact me from the My Upline tab in your SFI Back Office. As our projects progress I would love to see and possibly link to your work. Sorry folks this is for my Team at SFI and not an open offer to SPAM me with non team links.