Learning Internet Marketing Never Stop Learning – Newsletter 4

By | April 25, 2016

Learning Internet Marketing is a daily thing for the life of the marketer.

It has often been said readers are leaders and that goes for us grunts too. If we expect more income than today our personal value must be more tomorrow than it was today. We have to continually improve for our situation to improve.

[tweetthis remove_twitter_handles=”true” remove_hidden_hashtags=”true”]“When you’re green you’re growing, when you’re just about ripe you start to rot” – Ray Croc[/tweetthis]

Ray knew that you could never stop learning, growing, improving because the minute you do someone smarter, faster, stronger in business will come along and replace you. McDonald’s has evolved nicely from a small burger and shakes shack run by two brothers to a multiple-billion dollar fast food giant and love them or hate them innovations like McCafe keep them relevant and fresh.

[tweetthis remove_hidden_hashtags=”true” remove_hidden_urls=”true”]“A person’s value is ever changing if the person chooses to increase their value” Jim Rohn[/tweetthis]

Changing your value comes from working harder and being smarter than the next person in line looking to do what you do and be where you are or where you are heading. There is also the benefit from being a reader of having the confidence that you know the right thing to say at the right time and can say it without fear of being wrong.

Knowledge unlocks self confidence.

Anyone who has ever known a wise old man or woman knows they are bold and definitive in what they believe. The sheepish feelings of youth have worn off, they have lived, they have learned, and it’s their time to share yet you will notice that most of them are either reading a book, a magazine, the newspaper, or surfing the net using Google to learn new things even if it’s new things about old memories. They are bold because they know to trust what they know, what years have educated them to be the truth.

“A man’s worth lies in his mind, his heart, and his hands” Ronald Reagan President of the United States

Reagan believed that a well trained mind, a caring heart filled with truth and a love for god and family, and the willingness to get dirt under your fingernails were all you needed to live our American Dream and be all that we could in life. These beliefs lead him to the highest office in the land and to being the leader of the free world as well as a place as one of the greatest Presidents in the history of our nation.

Reagan’s secret formula has lead others to the job they wanted, the business they dreamed of, to home ownership, to putting the kids through college, many to being millionaires, a few to being billionaires, and it can lead you to success as well.

Learning Internet Marketing

What should I learn to make it work?

The short answer is everything, but the long answer revolves around the goals in your life. There is no real one size fits all. I can’t name a list of books or classes to take that will give you all the answers but I can tell you the following truths.

  1. You must be an expert in your chosen field. A true expert is a student of change as disciple of the past having pieced together what works with what works now to discover what will work tomorrow.
  2. You must know yourself. You have to know that you are dynamic, and how to motivate you to continue when the climb uphill is tough and the road seems to be impossible to travel. You must know that impossible is spelled I’m Possible, and break down doors and crash through glass ceilings.
  3. You must know people. You need to understand the people in your personal network and their value to your growth. As Jim Rohn says the “The people you hang out with reflect the person you will be.”. Jim knows that associating with people failing around you makes it easy to accept that your not worthy of more, that this is the only option and it can be hard to give up on those failed souls and you can try to bring them up with you but you need to learn to constantly improve your social class.
  4. You must know discipline and dedication. Motivation is half the battle to winning this war. A firm resolve completes it. The tools are a list of micro plans that dissect the elements of each major goal in your life and leave you with smaller, measurable benchmarks so you can actually visualize the progress you are making.

On a personal note I believe that you should have a personal relationship with a higher power. Be it God, be it Buddha, be it the power of you, the energy of light, mother nature, or Zeus. I believe every day that great things are planned for me I just have to be smart enough to choose the right paths when they come before me and learn from every mistake.

You can never stop learning in Internet Marketing or in life.