Make money online affiliate marketing : How to

By | September 27, 2016

Making money with free affiliate programs online.

How to make money online affiliate marketing is sometimes challenging and takes some time to learn to do effectively. The challenge of offering the right product to the right person at the right time confuses many. Guru guides seem to only offer bits and pieces of the puzzle. Sad to say this article can’t cover fully but this newsletter will offer you continued training in. theFreeGuru is a tremendous resource monetized by advertising and affiliate opportunities, our business depends on the same techniques we teach.

How to make money with online affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is best described as being a broker of information. In our case we are building a community around information we are expert or semi expert in. This is called niche community building. We do it this connecting with like minded people who share  your interest, offering them something new to read. You don’t have to be an expert. We just have to use the research skills you used to write book reports in school. Get facts to weave into a personal story about that part of your niche.

Example: Article Topic / Model Airplanes – Finding the right Glue. Product: Acme Glue 750 Storyline: The time I used the wrong glue and how I found Acme Glue 750.

Example Summary

In this example we show a basic mind map for a great article. You can easily find 2-3 suppliers to offer a great model cement or glue for comparison and potential ordering. Done right the reader will understand that you have tried other glues and prefer the one you recommend. They will understand why you prefer it from your own experience.. This type article catches people at the research phase. That is when they are trying to decide which glue is right for the job they are doing. It then walks them through the process of decision, and leads them to a choice of suppliers to buy now.

Working in this manner establishes you as an expert in model building. This will help you recommend and review other products in the future. I will advise you to also have other articles of interest that offer nothing for sale. This way your blog doesn’t look like sales pitch after sales pitch. A following will be formed. Thus links will be created as other bloggers site your articles as research for post of their own.

make money online affiliate marketing

How to – Make money online affiliate marketing.

How to make money online affiliate marketing / finding affiliate programs.

In addition to common programs like Clickbank, JV Zoo, Share-A-Sale, Commission Junction, and Linkshare which represent hundreds or even thousands of merchants and information sellers you can also find thousands of independent affiliate programs offered directly by the seller.

To find these often higher paying offers by direct sellers you can type the product name and affiliate program as an exact phrase like, “Acme Glue 750 Affiliate Program” in Google Advanced Search. You can also find affiliate programs for retailers or specialty retailers by changing your search to something like “Model Airplane Supplies affiliate program” and you can get a good list of places to shop in your niche.

Keep a spreadsheet of your affiliate programs, login details, affiliate ID number and if possible the name of product you are promoting from them. Often it is easy to forget where you go to check your stats. Especially if you don’t have such a data sheet and work numerous suppliers.

Online Affiliate Programs Make Easy Money Scaling Up

While it is possible to use a single product and make money online affiliate marketing. It is often best and typically so to have a range of related products making you money. A single niche can be lucrative but imagine that you like airplane modeling and playing golf. Why not write about both passions and the products related to them? I never advise writing about things you are not interested. This is because it makes your business a JOB instead of something you look forward to working on. Be passionate and write about the things you LOVE.

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How to find out what kind of things people researching your niche are actually looking for?

I use a tool called Jaaxy which will take a small phrase like “affiliate marketing” or “make money online affiliate marketing” and show me other terms related to those search terms people are looking for like, “how to make money with online affiliate marketing” which have fewer sites targeting the term and still have a large amount of traffic coming to them. Jaaxy will help you find keywords to target so people find your articles in internet searches. Thus will help you find related domain names, ideas for related search term follow up articles and more while showing you how many sites and what kind of traffic potential your articles are facing to reach page 1 in Google.

Finally with search terms and article topics having found a great niche domain name that you can host on here. You will soon find yourself with a firm answer to your original question, “how to make money online affiliate marketing?”.