Network Marketer Power Tools Skype and Google Hangouts.

By | April 19, 2014

If you are in network marketing or MLM you either know or are learning that strong communications are vital for team building. Tools to accomplish this include Network Marketer Power Tools Like Skype and Google Plus.

Social Media Comes in Different Formats

One of the strongest tools in a Network Marketer Power Tools arsenal is Skype but what are the benefits that make this amazing tool so powerful? What sets Skype and Google Plus Hangouts apart from the old school conference calls and the modern trend of weekly team webinars?


  1. Skype is free for all members of the team.
  2. Skype chat is offers the ability to provide direct support even if one of the parties is offline while the other is online.
  3. Skype calls can even reach land line phones and mobile numbers for a small cost, typically less than your home phone bill.
  4. Skype takes messages 24 hours a day 7 days a week allowing you to not only respond when the time is right for you but to also have a log of what was discussed should need arise in the future to revisit the prior conversation.
  5. Google Plus Hangouts offer all the power of webinar systems without the massive cost sometimes involved in them.
  6. With Google Plus Hangouts you have no room limits, if people don’t fit the hangout capacity they can tune in via Youtube’s live stream of your webcast, all you have to do is enable live streaming and make your Youtube Page available to onlookers.
  7. Using these tools allow you to share links easily and with Skype you can share images and files in a matter of seconds with the entire network marketing team or just a single member.
  8. Google Plus Hangouts are social media driven which allows people to easily share access to your group presentations and sales meetings, this can often create a viral effect and become a tool for prospecting as well as team communications.


Network Marketing and MLM are people businesses.


Strong communications are vital to any people based business and free tools can expand access and remove limitations while still offering some of the best tools for building team unity. When you are networking with your team daily you will find more members active in their business daily. When you can share resources and events you will find branding and conversions get easier. The team that works together daily is strong and can go far together.


My name is Andy Zeus Anderson and my business uses Skype and Google Plus Hangouts.


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