Network Marketing – Fighting an Inactive Downline.

By | March 20, 2015

How to get higher quality referrals to your Network Marketing business.

As a member and forum mainstay at Strong Future International I see affiliates constantly struggle with low conversion and being frustrated because they follow the training loosely and recruit a few hundred people to get a small handful of workers. Industry wide it takes 100 referrals to get 1 to 2 workers but a lot of that has to do with the approach we as marketers take.

We aim for quantity and try to include everybody and them mold them into the people we want instead of just focusing on recruiting the people we want.

If you are using any of the following in your marketing you are aiming too low and hitting what you aim for.

1. It’s free to join.
2. It’s easy to do.
3. It’s done for you.
4. No Selling.
5. No recruiting.
6. Make $10,000 in 30 days.
7. No risk.
8. No experience required.
9. Work 30 minutes a day.
10. No long term commitment.
11. Retire in a year.
12. No website required.

See making these claims you end up getting people who have no experience, don’t want hard work, have no money to invest, don’t take risk, and have only a short term set of goals and unrealistic set of expectations. When the business doesn’t give them $10,000 in 30, 60, 90 days and they have to refer people to reach that goal, and they have to learn how to sell people on the offer, and it takes them 2 hours a day instead of 30 minutes they quit.

The reality of the offer you provide is Bull Poop.

The reality of the opportunity you provide is one that requires work, and requires that they learn skills, gain experience, and can still take them 2 years to see substantial profits. You are providing a real business which is real work and requires real investment to achieve real results but for some reason you aim for people with the exact opposite in mind and complain when they don’t change their mindset, feel like you lied to them, and quit.

Why try to convert the wrong person with the wrong idea about what it takes to be successful in an online business when there are millions of people who are ready to work, able to invest, and understand that it could take years to see substantial profits but if they stay dedicated they will get there. I mean, would you recruit someone who can’t read to give a scholarship for a doctorate in English Literature? If you would you best believe your odds are not good.

Some of this mentality comes from where we are in our lives.

We have been looking for a legitimate opportunity and maybe been scammed a time or two or failed a time or two and are not sure that what we are doing is going to work for us either. We are tired of giving thousands of hours to a company that was an ultimate failure and can’t see spending another $1,000 or $5,000 to get this program off the ground and really going strong. We may be flat broke and not have two nickles to rub together and may be working two jobs and not have much time for our business, so we aim for people like us who don’t have money, don’t have time, and are nervous about being scammed and seek low risk.

Inactive Downline Network Marketing

Why not we can relate to that kind of position because we live there.

The problem is, that for us to change our situation we need the recruit that will put 20-40 hours a week into their business, who believes in the product(s), and who is able to do things like place a standing order and buy high quality advertising. We need people who are able to act on the things that are out of our reach because 100% commission on Free is $0.00 and no way to build a business.

Our job is to aim for those who have money to start a business, are willing to learn, and can dedicate the time. We need people who are not in our situation to get where we want to be so why don’t we aim for those people instead of seeking broke marketers with unrealistic expectations? Think about it the next time you design a promotion for your network marketing business, or choose between a low ticket and high ticket item to promote as an affiliate.


Aim for where you want to be and you will soon be where you want to be.

Andy Zeus Anderson
Affiliate Marketing Trainer and Network Marketing Professional.

2 thoughts on “Network Marketing – Fighting an Inactive Downline.

  1. sonko hassan s

    Indeed this article is educative to all people struggling to build their network marketing business. my online network marketing blog is fetching for me because of this article.
    thanks for sharing with us

    1. Andy Zeus Anderson Post author

      Interesting blog you have there but please understand that despite the MLM crowd trying to highjack the term, network marketing is a completely and more reputable business model. For one, in network marketing you don’t have to pay for the right to earn money which means a true network marketing company operates within the law where a MLM business forces you to purchase a minimum amount of over priced product on a monthly contract before you can participate in the business opportunity. The high price that is designed to cover the pay plan is often justified by them sending you more product than you can possibly use in a month and then claiming this allows you to provide samples or retail the items you don’t need. With Network Marketing you don’t have a fixed width matrix and can recruit as many people on your first tier as you desire. The sales pitch is not one of having your downline built for you through spillover from someone else who doesn’t have to promote or sell. It’s always about generating sales of real products at regular retail prices.

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