7 Things Network Marketing Teams Share

By | September 29, 2013


Everyone has their saying about teamwork in the office but for those in a network marketing business you may be left wondering where the benefits lie and how to co-ordinate a real team effort.


7 things network marketing teams share7 Things Network Marketing Teams Share. Part of the confusion is caused by what passes as a modern team builder where everyone throws their links in a rotator, and promises to surf X number pages in some traffic exchanges etc.. That’s more of a co-op but very ineffective and able to be destroyed by most regular advertising co-ops. Not that there is anything wrong with co-ops, done right, and they are your best friend, done wrong and they are a nightmare.

In Network Marketing Teamwork is Vital

Network the word that makes network marketing relates to team building. Those who realize their front 5 or personally referred members are not just numbers and focus on building at least a professional relationship will achieve more. Here are some of the things TEAMS in Network Marketing can share.

  1. Experience – every team member will come from a different walk of life with different experiences and the combined experience of a team can far outweigh the singular experience of any given member.

  2. Knowledge – Pooling resources and building list like a FAQ or frequently asked questions list can help answer questions for new recruits and help in training first time network marketers. From the e-book and video repository to a collection of blog articles and favorite quotes the more knowledge a team obtains together the stronger the team will be.

  3. Co-Op Advertising – Done right you pool small amounts of money to generate a larger advertising budget such as 10 people splitting the cost of a newspaper ad, a 20 member co-op on Adwords, or everyone splitting cost on a TV Spot. The sky is the limit but only if you have a solid plan, realistic goals, a set cost per member, and everyone on the team knows that any advertising is a risk and not a guarantee of success. Fact is some co-ops fail and asserting blame on any one member will drive a team apart so all actions must be team choice and hold full team responsibility for any failure.

  4. Branding – Marketing the business you are in is great but branding teams and individuals builds trust. People want to know who they will seek answers from when they join a new program. Will my sponsor be there for me? That’s a serious question and teams can brand the common theme of having a network of success behind your every move.

  5. Peer Support – Not just Q&A stuff but motivation and peer support have a huge role in team development. For example: I have Bi-Polar, a form of depression and it helps sometimes just to have an online friend to talk to. For others it may be a matter of having a question only the group can answer. I love using Skype for daily group contact because we can talk as a group or individuals regardless of where we are in the world, without cost.

  6. Network Sponsorship. Imagine making enough money to take that vacation in Hawaii, but having 6 newbies in training and risking losing them if you take time off. With a proper team build there are always members available even when you can’t be allowing peace of mind that a system is in place your new recruits can follow.

  7. Social Clout – When sharing post to your team any early comments and re-shares will help your social media and blog post begin their viral journey. Without a team effort individual post often do not travel half the distance possible when a team reacts to the new addition. A prime example is getting that ice breaking first comment. It seems at times only trolls like to be first in line to comment, most folks wait for someone else to chime in and then agree with one side or the other. Sad but it’s true.

Regardless of your end goals getting there as a team will have massive rewards.

Think of Teamwork in Network Marketing as a relay race where each member takes the baton and travels the same distance faster than any one member could run the whole distance without the use of a team. You don’t have to be alone in your home based business. You don’t have to bear the full weight of every question and be the only person you know with all the answers. They say Together Everyone Achieves More for a reason, and in Network Marketing it’s near impossible to move forward without establishing some degree of teamwork.