Marketing Online Newsletter Edition One

By | April 5, 2016

Welcome to the inaugural edition of theFreeGuru Online Marketing Newsletter – Today we officially launch and thank you for your following.

In this first issue you will find past, present, and around the web content compiled by our team to help you understand Internet Marketing better, improve existing skills, or explore career advancement through learning additional skills in current in demand career lines. However you got here and wherever you came from, or how much or little experience you may have we hope this publication is all you ask for.

Term for today: Content Cu-ration


Much like the around the web post at the end of this article the practice of content curating is a simple compilation of related content of but your own making and through 3rd party sources which in marketing and Search Engine Optimization terms will help brand you as a expert in your industry and generate authority status for your blog or website.

A common miss conception among SEO is that duplicate content rules punish syndication. Nothing could be further from the truth. Much as the case with every major news site, and other sources like Wikipedia you can be a top site on the web through authority building even if your product is 100% the content pulled from other sources.

Content Curation helps build authority because Google looks not just at the sites linking to you but the sites you link to as sources. Curating Content allows you to boost on site content volume while building valuable down stream links that further build your brand and authority. Don’t get fooled by claims that you will leak link juice because the only way to do that is link to low quality sites that are unrelated to your blog.

Pirate Treasure Content Curation

What kind of content should I Curate?

Image rich media works extremely well. If content you pull doesn’t have related images think about adding a few of your own. Add video where possible, and use rich text and Header Tags to let search engines know where important content begins and related content is added. Further you need to consider your sources and go as close to the original source as possible by following the bread crumbs or link backs to the original media. Siting a source of a source is fine occasionally but there is more value sighting the original text.


The major do and don’t of content cu-ration is do site the source of the media such as blog, author, photographer and don’t quote sources that are questionable. Some sites are built of stolen content scraped from similar sites which is run through what is called a content or article spinner. These sites hardly ever site the original post author but are still legally considered plagiarism and can bring you fines and lawsuits in addition to costing a small fortune in labor to handle clean up.

Known sources like industry leaders, even your competition can be used as sources with little lost love. I will advise though that siting a competitor who offers a better value than your current offering is unwise but siting one around your offering shows you don’t fear them and are sure your product is superior in quality, value, and that your brand is strong.

Andy Zeus Anderson


Marketing Post from the past:

Creating Social Media Engagement and Going Viral – theFreeGuru

This week we are going to talk about content creation and how to draw followers and friends to your profile and get them to engage you and share your content. See Social Media is the place to meet people who are interested in your business but the fact is 9 of 10 people you meet in your first 30 days will not be right for your business or ready for your product, but they may know someone who is.



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Around The WEB Marketing Articles:

What’s Better — Building a Personal or Business Brand? Or Both?

To build a personal brand or corporate brand — or both? When you’re starting out in digital marketing, that truly is the question.

Like many entrepreneurs, it’s a question that content expert Salma Jafri has struggled with during her quest to build the best online brand possible.

“On the one hand, you’re thinking that a personal brand is going to give you expert status and get your name recognized,” she says. “On the other hand, you’re thinking that having a corporate brand is going to give you more of a professional outlook and is going to lend you credibility and help you build more trust with your audience… But I’m afraid there isn’t any easy answer.” Read More At Entrepreneur

How to Use Facebook Groups for Authentic Marketing

Are you disheartened by the organic reach of your Facebook page? Desperately want to use Facebook, but wish there was a way that you’d get an enthusiastic, dedicated audience on it? There is a way to do that, and I’m not talking about Facebook Ads. I’m talking about the hidden, often under explored, definitely underestimated power of Facebook groups. Ta-da!

Often times, entrepreneurs, especially women, tend to want to focus on marketing strategies that feel authentic. Facebook groups aid in the power of relationship-building and forming genuine connections with your audience – an audience that may eventually buy from you as a natural extension of that relationship.

Feed Shark

To show you how to harness the power of Facebook groups to power your business, provide you with a loyal customer base, make meaningful relationships and find your ideal clients, I turned to the owners of two of the most happening Facebook groups for women entrepreneurs. Read More at Entrepreneur.


The 2016 State of Link Building Survey – Results & Analysis


SEO futurists have predicted the death of links as a ranking signal for years on end. That hasn’t happened yet, and I’m happy to say that link building as a practice has greatly evolved.

But rapid change often creates confusion, and there doesn’t yet seem to be a strong consensus on how link building teams should be constructed, where they fit in the marketing plan, and how much ought to be invested into link acquisition.

To bring more clarity and transparency to a complicated pillar of SEO, I’m proud to present to you the 2016 State of Link Building Survey results!

Let’s be frank: link building has had a volatile history filled with spam, tricks, and get-rich-quick schemes. When Google introduced the first version of Penguin in April of 2012, the practice of link building received a severe shock to the system.

link building content marketing april 2012.png

“Google Trends analyzes a percentage of Google web searches to figure out how many searches were done over a certain period of time.” Trends Help

In the minds of many, content marketing has been the modern replacement to link building. To me, this is a flawed perspective, as content marketing has many goals beyond links; link acquisition is a highly ancillary product amidst the primary goals of content marketing. Links also serve a different set of goals than content marketing. Read More at MOZ

Are longer tweets better tweets? We analyzed 4,700 tweets to find out.

A look at 300 of the most-followed Twitter accounts to see how long brands’, celebs’ and media companies’ tweets are and how retweet counts vary by length.

Tim Peterson on April 5, 2016 at 12:00 pm

Twitter has decided not to extend tweet lengths beyond the current 140-character limit. But would it matter if it did?

To peek at how long tweets typically are, Marketing Land looked at 300 of the most popular brand, celebrity and media Twitter accounts, as listed by social analytics firm Socialbakers. Those accounts are already running up against Twitter’s 140-character limit, most commonly sending tweets with between 130 and 140 characters. Conceivably, they’d fill up any extra character space Twitter would have given them.

But even though longer tweets are more popular among these accounts, they don’t appear to be any more popular among their audiences than shorter tweets. The data show that shorter tweets often average just as many retweets as longer ones, and they sometimes average more, especially celebrities’ tweets. In the chart below, you can check out the data for yourself, including what share of the tweets contained links, hashtags and photos or videos (spoiler: so many). Read More at MarketingLand

Don’t chase the money – Chase the passion. By Jeremy Shoemaker

Lets get back to the original question…   “I want to make money online.  Where do I start” ?

I don’t know ANY successful internet millionaire who did not stumble onto their internet success.  None of them had visions of being a internet millionaire.  They had passions, interest, and education about a subject and pursued it.  That is the key.   None of them had to quit their day jobs.  They all started because it was a hobby.  It was fun…

The one thing I have learned is when someone starts something that they consider “work” they will give up quickly.

  • I have handed over websites to people that were generating hundreds of dollars a month for them to take and run with.  Guess what?  They didn’t do anything they just sucked up the revenue and let it die.
  • I have given PPC keywords to people that I was making a lot of money with promoting affiliate offers.  Guess what?  They ran it until they died then came to me for more keywords.  The didn’t research or even care how it was making money.


Create Videos and Diversify Your Content Marketing with These Tools

I’m a huge fan of incorporating videos into my content marketing strategy because it allows me to add some diversity into my content. For example, bloggers understand the power of videos to drive traffic to their blog and using them as a video aid to content that otherwise would be very difficult to understand. If you haven’t been implementing videos into your marketing strategy, then you’re behind the trend. They can provide you leverage in an otherwise very competitive market. From my experience, I’ve found that videos work well in the following ways to diversify your content marketing strategy….

First, certain people and demographics prefer content that has been translated into videos. People find them easy to follow through and understand, especially when there is a language barrier. Next, with the explosion of and other platforms, you have more channels to market your content. These channels provide loads of traffic opportunities. Finally, because videos are easy to grasp and understand, they are engaging and people tend to share them, increasing the chance of them going viral.

Before you can start implementing videos into your content marketing strategy, it’s important that you have the right tools available. You have both downloadable editing programs, which require some more work so let’s take a look at “3” cool online editing tools to streamline your creation process.