SFI Advertising Coop Explained Press Release

By | May 28, 2017

For Immediate Release: SFI Advertising Coop Explained:


SFI Advantage, SFI Advertising Coop has recently launched operations and began taking in free members and will soon begin the first advertising cooperative project that will generate hundreds of thousands of page views and a steady stream of referrals into Strong Future International and a range of traffic generation programs to build an even greater presence for our coop team members.


SFI Advantage SFI Advertising Coop


The first Project will be tomahawktraffic.com which will be launched as a traffic exchange system to attack the core market of home business owners.

Tomahawk Traffic will be the first of many funded projects that allow this one of a kind advertising coop to offer lifetime advertising for a single one-time investment. We can do this because we own the traffic.


As we grow more traffic projects will be funded and will cover a range of traffic sources.

We have current plans for site in the free to exchange traffic arena like mailers and traffic exchange systems but look further in regard to directories and article sites, blog networks, social media, and even our own search engine project.


Owning traffic sources is a vital part of SFI Advantage and its success formula.

By owning the traffic source, we get the best traffic at prices as low as free. Traffic exchange owners have for years kept a dirty little secret that isn’t really that dirty. They keep a portion of all those available traffic credits, the ones not pledged to upgraded members and not purchased by other members. This portion in an exchange with just 2500 members could be as high as a half million page views a month for a single exchange.



How do other traffic types fit in?

Article marketing is a major part of traffic generation as it generates content that both humans and search engines love. Along with it an endless supply of targeted traffic that will convert at higher rates to sales and sign ups.

Social Media Networks help curate that content and mix it with social interaction and mass distribution. Much as press release sites and programs broadcast your content across a network of blogs and news sources, we can amplify each other through social sharing.


What about the Search Engine Project?

Well it may seem we are trying to compete with Google but there is a large demand for alternative search engines. The big 4 engines control less than 75% of the global search market. Our engine will have sites not listed in other engines and content will be indexed with our sites and programs given priority.


There are earnings involved with most of those like memberships and paid advertising what happens to that money?

We use revenues to maintain existing operations, expand into new venues, and pay administrators. Everything left over is put into advertising through other sources to boost our exposure via Television, Radio, Online Display and Native Ads.



SFI Advertising Coop Member Benefits


  • Free Team Build for the most popular Affiliate Marketing Program SFI.
  • No Cost Peer to Peer Support and Training via forum.
  • Free Traffic Generation Training.
  • Cost Free Affiliate Program on Ad Coop Share purchases. Helps members earn money to cover auto-delivery, advertising, and other business-related investments.
  • Free Tools and Training Library

Most of all we offer a low cost one of a kind lifetime SFI advertising coop.


Author: Andy Zeus Anderson

Yuma Arizona USA 85364


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