Use product reviews & article marketing to Generate Sales

By | July 28, 2017

I wrote a portion of this in response to a question by one of our members asking about product reviews and article marketing at the SFI team forums. It was a low traffic thread late at night and the information is vital to all those struggling with ideas on how to generate eCommerce sales as an affiliate marketer.


product reviews and article marketing

In this post we are discussing product reviews and sound article marketing, the first thing to understand is what goes into a good review.

  • Product reviews should have a brief but descriptive introduction to the product(s) being reviewed.
  • Reviews should have some details on key features of a product.
  • It should mention your experience with products of this type and preferably this product.
  • If possible include resources for more information such as consumer alerts.
  • Have a list of both Pro and Con to buying the product as honesty sells more and the reader will hate you if they are blind sided by a negative you should have covered.

How do you promote products, effectively generating sales?

Writing product reviews on my own blog and syndicating those post through social media like Facebook and social bookmarking like Digg. I also linked to the articles from related content articles in free press release sites and article directory postings. Do this and you will get a funnel of targeted traffic to the offer ready to buy the products.

Source products that are in demand, in a sub niche of a popular hobby or product group like health and wellness, and are priced within industry averages for similar products.

Article Marketing directories and press release sites want newsworthy articles that tell how to do something or announce news about something related to a popular topic. They usually do not accept product reviews or advertising related article post, but they do allow you to link to related reviews from your post or via your signature box or author’s box.

Here is an example:

Item reviewed- Lionel Real Steam Powered Locomotive model _________

Example Lionel Steam Locomotive Review

Article examples:

  • My First Lionel Model Train Set
  • History of Lionel Model Trains
  • Features of the Lionel Real Steam Powered Locomotive model _________
  • Top 5 Global Makers of Model Trains
  • Trains the Shaped The West

The list goes on. The articles shouldn’t sound like ads, if you link in article use text like:

Lionel Real Steam Powered Locomotive Model ________ Review


Link to it from a mention of this train in the article if it’s one of them on Model Trains or Makers of Model Trains.

In all cases make article marketing and product reviews personal. Tell a story of how you have used the product or similar products. Find products you have a passion for, or are part of your passion and you will sell more because people will connect with you and want to do business with you.