Shocking! Success is not “out there”!

By | February 3, 2014

This is so shocking, such and “eye opener” that I was interviewed on over 2,000 radio and TV talk shows around the world! Jack M. Zufelt

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Living a life full of maximum happiness and the ability to do what you want when you want is available to anyone who follows the laws that govern success.  Far too often people simply do not have the right information available to them to make the correct decisions, which determines whether they fail, achieve mediocrity or zoom to the top in any field or endeavor. This applies to New Year’s Resolutions.

People start each New Year off with a renewed desire to do better this year. It presents a chance to start over; to let go of the past; to make the upcoming year better than the last; to achieve goals that they haven’t yet.  Lose weight, get in shape, be nicer to the kids or spouse. Sell more. Earn more.  Stop smoking. Stop swearing. Stop lying. Be nicer.  Go to church more. The list is endless. It’s a chance to start anew with determination and resolve to be better, to do better. At least that’s the theory.

It’s a plan that feels good and you hope that it will work….but, alas, it doesn’t. 

New years resolutions are made to be ________.  Why does everyone know what goes in the blank? It’s because they have mocked and joked about it in the media,in cartoons and late night talk shows AND they have experienced it themselves.  Broken “New Year’s Resolutions” continue to happen year after year.

The word resolution implies that one is “resolute” about something. Some synonyms for the word resolute are determined…adamant…resolved.  A goal was identified, a decision was made and a resolution was committed to.  If you made a resolution and then broke it that simply means you weren’t resolute, or determined or committed to making it happen.  If you only think you are resolute about achieving something but really aren’t, you will start on the path to make it happen, probably spend a lot of time and money too, but it will only a matter of time before you give up and quit..

The same thing happens with most goals that are written down during the exercise called “goal setting”. You  diligently choose goals for the week, the month, the quarter, the year. You are sincerely committed to them and even, write them down and maybe even read them several times a day. Right? Then, as time goes by, you find that many do not become reality. My research has proven that eight out of ten goals a person writes down on a piece of paper will not happen. I am sure you have experienced this as well.

If done correctly your goals and aspirations will be achieved but only if a certain, vital ingredient is there.  If it is not there the dreams and aspirations are destined to wither and die and failure is all that is left. For anyone who dreams of achieving a more satisfied life, a very simple method exists. It is a method that identifies the true cause of all achievement in all areas of life. Even though it is the real cause of all success and achievement it is regularly overlooked. Yet it is so critical that if ignored, failure is the automatic result. Every person who has achieved the pinnacle of success in any area of his or her life automatically has this ingredient and has used this ingredient to get there.

This ingredient and this method are not based on what countless experts and gurus teach. They all pretty much serve up the same old gobbledygook philosophies based on goal setting, doing daily affirmations and visualization, PMA, NLP, listening to motivational speakers and subliminal messaging, breaking boards, walking on hot coals, etc., etc.

These so-called “keys” to success have all been taught for almost a century. In the hope of finding happiness and success, billions of dollars and millions of hours have been spent on seminars and books and audio programs only to find they don’t work. You’d think that with all that money and time being spent on a vast array of self-help techniques and methodologies many more people would be achieving their dreams.  But they aren’t. To blindly trust and accept the much-ballyhooed secrets of success will invariable lead to wrong decisions and, in far too many cases, wasted time and money.