Social Media Handshakes Should Be Firm

By | October 4, 2014

Social Media with Handshake Mentality Works.

When dealing with people who are just getting started in their social media marketing you will have people come along who have maybe been online a couple years and they have added countless people through peer discovery to their friends and follow list. Peer discovery in social media is when Facebook or Twitter, LinkedIn, or Pinterest show you groups of people followed by people you already know.

For many they have gotten in the habit of clicking through and sending the friend request despite the warnings without actually knowing the other person.

The major problem with this is that neither you or this other person are vested in the relationship. You can’t tell from searching on Facebook for people with network marketing mentioned on their feed or interest if the person will genuinely connect with you or be interested in more than showing you the business they are already in.

Your Social Media Handshake

Meeting new people at a seminar or trade show is far different to most people than meeting them online and it shouldn’t be.

It’s important to take those extra steps and introduce yourself and set up a time to chat and get to know each other. You can mention common ground but it’s critical to your social media marketing strategy that this handshake experience happens. It’s also very important that you follow up and follow through with any promises made. Don’t be a taker in your relationship be the giver and you’ll receive far more in return.

By not being a taker we are the first to comment or re-share content someone else shares on their social media profile.

When you comment, like and share other people’s content they know you are paying attention to them and fulfilling their needs. Let’s face it, nobody post anything to a social network they don’t want positive feedback and affirmation for. Being a good ambassador for your program or business means serving the needs of others.

Social Media Comes in Different Formats

Don’t be auto spammer in social media.

I see too many people who buy spam software like Facebook Auto Poster and just send advertising to groups and then wonder why they get their accounts blocked or just get advertising back from the people they know. You get what you put in and putting in spam will just get you spammed with the ads of others. Facebook groups were not designed for ads they were designed for content of value that fits a given interest so don’t be a prick.

Use your blog and write articles of value, and let the good content draw traffic to your site where you can advertise in the header, sidebar, and maybe even tactfully in the content. Write not less than 4 non advertorial post to each advertorial or review. People like a site of value not a site of advertising. The best review sites are blogs that occasionally list reviews of products in their niche after branding themselves as experts. You get that brand by sharing informative articles and videos.

So make sure that you are shaking hands, getting to know your friends, and giving more than you take and soon you will be the most popular person in social media marketing.