Social Media is Selfish Dude

By | July 24, 2013

Social media is a selfish beast but it’s the giver who finds success in it.

Some people fail to grasp the concept that social media is best for business when it’s not about business at all. They go through their days posting advertising and articles describing the sites they use and get paid from and wonder why the last 5,000 post didn’t make them a success.

I mean isn’t quantity worth anything these days?

Am I failing at Social Media Engagement?

Social Media is Selfish

People don’t go onto Facebook or MySpace to shop, buy, join, etc.. They come to share.


When a user pops onto a social media site they are in relaxation mode and trying to find friendly people who share similar interest. They play games and watch funny videos, share songs, and write about what they ate for breakfast. All of this to let you the reader into their world and see if it fit’s well with your life. Social media is about each of us being ourselves with an audience looking on and is popular because success in it is an affirmation that you are a great person people really like.

Social media is not something we do for the boss unless our jobs are in social media marketing.


Nope, social media we do for me, and the next guy is doing social media for them. Understanding thisSocial Media User allows you to tap into all of this fun and useful information and as a marketer, engage those interest and meet any needs with a product of value that fills the gap. Susie hates her hair and you know of a herbal shampoo on Amazon so you hand your friend a affiliate link and suggest they give it a try etc..

So how do we best approach social media as a business owner?


Be a broker of information. If you show that you are paying attention to your social media friends they will in turn pay attention to you. It’s the proverbial kissing babies that political candidates do and it works for all kinds of businesses. You will find success if you know a good coffee shop or suggest a game they may like in addition to the one they are playing now even if you don’t get the sale at that time. Make your social media 90% about other people and their interest and needs and 10% about business and you will never be tuned out.



On the other hand you can shout from the top of the hills about your business all day but that’s not going to get you very far in social media.


T.V. Advertising works similar to Social Media Marketing. The commercial demands attention of someone focused on relaxation and smart companies tailor their commercials to the audience of a particular channel so the market is pre disposed to buy. In Social media you focus on branding your business to people in a relaxed state who are open and receptive to new ideas so that when they are ready to buy they think of your company first. It’s the difference between the beer commercial during the Superbowl that you get a laugh from and the Tampon commercial you go to the bathroom or get a BEER during.


Social Media is about engagement and how you connect with your audience. Make them feel advertised to and they tune out all of your expensive messages. Get social with social media and win.

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  1. Angela Field

    Great article!! I shared it a few as a reminder to others to be generous in their communications. Give and you shall receive! 🙂

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