WP Content Discovery Pro Review

By | April 29, 2016

The reasons I went Ga Ga over WP Content Discovery Pro

I have been on the Beta test and was an early bird for the Ultimate membership I now hold which covers all of my blogs and WordPress Powered websites. This simple WordPress Plugin installs in minutes and with a few tweaks like grabbing your API Key it is running in 10 minutes or less. There is a free version but it gets a fraction of the free traffic the paid version we are talking about in this review gets.

WP Content Discovery Review

What is WP Content Discovery Pro?

Our WP Content Discovery Review will start with telling you a bit about the hottest craze in advertising. Big business and now even Internet Small Business and Home Business Owners are starting to find out what their prospective customers and referrals have known all along. People are not on the Internet for advertisements they are here for articles and content filled with information.

That discovery lead to the birth of Content marketing but as the web has grown very competitive for the few listings on the front page of Google, and those spots are often given to the sites with the most traffic and relevance there had to be a type of advertising that would work again. A Type of Advertising that promoted content over products and helped those content rich pages get seen faster.

What is the best way to promote content? Answer is Content.

Google Adwords has long dominated the scene in terms of content marketing with the Adsense program that has helped tens of millions of bloggers and even more static websites generate incomes up to the millions of dollars a year. Google however got greedy a few years back and started shifting the big bids to search engine ad placements and smaller bids to Adsense publishers so we need more clicks to make the same money we made just 7 years ago. Thus the need among bloggers for a means to promote content.

With articles on sites generating millions of page views with massive advertising eating up the front page listings for all the best terms and pushing our articles to page 2 or 3, we are finding traffic harder to come by making it harder still to dominate the search engine real estate we once ruled.

What are Native Ads?

Bloggers had the answer all the time with the fact we used links in our content and related post to make every visitor account for more page and thus ad views. Little did we know that these related post plugins would revolutionize modern advertising.

The concept of Native Advertising is simple, deliver content rich informative articles from one site to a wide range of similar websites. Big business hit on this concept early on and companies started sprouting up left and right that served their willingness to pay to further promote their content pages and created paid Native Ads.

Like Adsense there is still some major greed going with this fledgling system. Companies charge as much as 50 cents a visitor but pay publishers under 20% of the revenue despite us doing 90% of the work. What makes it worse is they call it quality control to limit publisher accounts to sites with 50,000 monthly page views or more a month. Worse yet as a advertiser you had to spend $5,000 a month or more to get in the door with this advertising so these companies are getting massively rich by excluding low income blogs and small businesses from this advertising market and handing it all to the corporate clients.

See How WP Content Discovery Looks

At last this is the WP Content Discovery Review so here we go.

WP Content Discovery has created a Native Advertising system accessible to anyone, even a broke blogger on a free website without two pennies to their name. Not just the publishers but the Native Advertising as well. No more would we be scrounging for enough traffic to drive our advertising revenue, and we gain the benefit of offering readers a range of options in exploring related post to the articles they just read.

You have freedom to choose placement and number of ads but the advertising shown earns you traffic to your own pages. The paid version offers more than 6 times the traffic of the free version of WP Content Discovery. On this blog I have WP Content Discovery Native Ads on the sidebar and on the bottom of the post sharing Marketing related content. My blocks on average show a reader 8-12 Native Ads and the remaining blocks are ads for my own related content. Every ad that is not my own content earns me free advertising in return.

Free plugin holders get a fraction of the number of ads shown as their return in shown ads. This creates a surplus in advertising the owners can use and can pass on to Pro and Ultimate members. So much so that some of us are getting tens of thousands of views alone. This blog was launched less than a month ago and has already received over 1500 visitors this month because of a small advertising budget and big results from WP Content Discovery.

The cons of the WP Content Discovery Plugin.

It requires certain features be turned on at your webhost and ports are opened to the WP Content Discovery website if your host has a proactive firewall on their servers. Our best recommendation is to use a hosting account from our own Pro Business Saver Hosting or other full featured service instead of budget host that are slim on features, low on protection, and have tons of hidden fees for things you need to run scripts and plugins on your site.

So how do I handle my hosting company tech support? Well the team at WP Content Discovery will give you a list of the things you need and you simply open a support ticket at your webhost and give them the list. A Good host will do so in a heartbeat and you will be up and running in no time. With PBSaver.com you can turn on everything you needed, even unblock the ports in the firewall needed from your back office control panel because we use Hespia instead of C-Panel for advanced service.

You then set up the number of ads for the grid below your content, up to 9 show at a time on up to 4 rows. You can set it to show or not show a popup box of Native Ads, and then a quick hop to widgets and you can choose to list up to another 9 ads in your sidebar.

Wrapping up our Review of WP Content Discovery

As a result of my Beta Testing, seeing traffic results from day 1 on my test blog, and getting great first month results here at theFreeGuru, I will say I am impressed and see the money I paid to go Pro Unlimited as a massive WIN. This concludes our WP Content Discovery Review.