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By | July 25, 2014

Writing a blog for money is the dream of millions of people online.


Turning our passions into text or video and getting paid to do it is a excellent idea. Imagine, turning short blog post or in depth articles into a full time income from the comfort of your best office chair or couch. Writing a blog for money is the easy part, you just find what you like to talk about, and write down what you would say if you were talking to a friend.

To generate an income writing a blog for money, you can choose from several different business models. The easiest to implement are Pay Per Click advertising such as Google Adwords and Affiliate programs such as Amazon affiliates or SFI and TripleClicks. Where you get paid to show banners or text ads on your site promoting other related businesses.

If a few extra steps are OK with you there is the option to sell advertising on your blog directly, and even get paid to write reviews or articles for companies seeking quality inbound links.

Make Money Blogging

To Start Writing a Blog For Money you will need:


  1.  A Blog – You can get started with a free WordPress or Blogger blog but the best start comes with a fully hosted WordPress blog on your own domain.
  2. A great domain name that matches your interest which we call a niche.
  3. Training on niche marketing and Search Engine Optimization will help you drive readers to your blog for free. I personally recommend the blog training, support, and hosting package at Wealthy Affiliate because of the in depth, step by step, video training in all things blogging and niche marketing. In 11 years online, 10 of them a professional blogger I have not found another course that trains you for success like Wealthy Affiliate.
  4. Time – You will need at least 30 minutes a day to do research, find related media and references, write a blog post, or do a video. You will also need to be able to support your blog for up to a year before it really kicks off and earnings become something to brag about.
  5. Work Ethic – You have to be dedicated and post on a regular basis. At least 2 post per week while getting started will be expected by readers of your blog. You will need 20 or more post before you start seeing any kind of subscriber list in most cases.
  6. Ability to Learn Daily – I can never know too much about my interest and neither can my readers. I call myself a broker of information connecting their demand for great content with my expanding knowledge base. For every article I write I read at least 3 others to ensure my ability to come up with relevant related content to feed the needs of my readers.

 If you’re passionate about a subject and you have decent writing skills, blogging definitely could be an alternative career path for you. The short answer is, yes, it is possible to make a living—a very good one, even—by writing online. – Courtesy Life Hacker

Why Should I Write a Blog For Money?


  • It builds your self esteem to find others who are interested in the same things as you and as a professional blogger you will find hundreds or even thousands of like minded people waiting for you to share something new.
  • You are writing a blog for money! You may start with earning a couple bucks a month and within a year find that the income replaces a second job, pays for your vacation, helps pay off the mortgage, allows you to buy a new car, and after a few short years this blog thing could very well pay you to work entirely from home.
  • Freedom. When you are writing a blog for money you will find articles generating cash that allows you to work fewer hours at a JOB and you can reclaim hours lost to work for family time, vacations, and fun. You will not be dependent on a paycheck that doesn’t cover a life to go with your bills.
  • Security. With a Job you might get access to a 401K or Pension program that will give you a portion of what you earned while working as a stipend for living past retirement age. When you own your own site and get paid to write blogs you will find that even your old post written a year or two back still generate cash-flow. This is also a job you can take into retirement that wont break your back while it fills your wallet and if you choose to stop writing you can always hire a ghost writer or put on regular columnist.

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How successful can I be writing a blog for money?


Writing a blog for money can lead to an income ranging from a few hundred dollars a month to millions of dollars a year in earnings. Popular sites like Yahoo Shine, Mashable, Buzz Feed, Politico, Shoemoney, and College Humor are all blogs and generate millions in revenues and started with just 1-2 writers working from home and honing their skills. You are limited only by your desire and ability to learn. If you are interested in learning about blogging for cash join Wealthy Affiliate for a free trial, kick them tires for 7 days and enjoy 10 free lessons that will help you create your first blog in easy steps.

9 thoughts on “Writing A Blog For Money

  1. Bill

    Hey Nice looking Professional Site about becoming a Blogger and making money having fun writing your own blogs. Some very good advice. My problem is I am not a Writer can I still become a blogger and make money?

    1. Andy Anderson

      I have never met anyone who could type who couldn’t write. Like being a leader, being a writer just takes the confidence to begin the process. If your a grammar whiz you could pull apart my blog for not having all the right quote marks or commas in the right places etc.. But writing is an extension of story telling and you do it by speaking from experience, learned knowledge, or interest. Just write down what you would tell a friend about the subject and people will follow it.

  2. Neil

    Hey, Andy

    Thanks for sharing such a great post on blogging and I agree that blogging for money is a dream that many online business owners have, but unfortunately many of whom fail at making any money because they lack the knowledge on building successful blogs.

    Your tips will certainly help to point people in the right direction and Wealthy Affiliate is the ideal starting point for anyone who wishes to build a Free blog that produces a good solid income each month.



    1. Andy Anderson

      Thank Neil I appreciate your feedback and yes I am loving my Wealthy Affiliate membership. I am just surprised at how much great information I had been missing the last 11 years and I have taught dozens of marketers how to build a pro-blog.

  3. Alice

    Hi Andy,
    I’d like to make money blogging. Can it be as simple as writing? I like to write.

    1. Andy Anderson

      Yes it can be. Ads simply copy and paste into designated spots in your blog theme or can be added by plugins and widgets. Get good at matching products to your readers interest and you can make a 5 to 7 figure income telling your unique set of stories.

  4. Amanda

    Hi Andy! I think confidence has been my biggest hurdle. I have had to tell myself to just do something, even if it is wrong! I am working really hard right now to make a full time income from home.

    1. Andy Anderson

      I wrote an article a while back that I need to revise and put on Hot In Yuma called Just add Go. I think it would really help people with confidence issues get past the hurdle and develop a mindset of success. Thanks for stopping in.

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