2017 Happy Conservative New Year Resolutions

Ten 2017 Resolutions for America

Many of us had a 2016 set of New Year Resolutions that included wishes we could all get along better as Americans. 2016 saw a lot of highs and lows in terms of politics, and Middle East violence. The division has been highlighted at every turn from race to gender, to ethnic origins, and religion. Taken as a State of the Union the world is far worse off than 8 years ago in most opinions. Those who don’t see it also don’t see how they lost the 2016 elections across the board. Our resolutions became broken dreams by the boatload.

Ten New Years Resolutions for America

Those who don’t see the division among people are as fabled the exact ones stoking those divisional fires. From playing the race card in answer to tough questions to using claims of racism to describe people who just want the laws already on the books enforced so we can stop losing the competition for jobs.

The race wars have begun on this radical ideology that anything that defines our communities is not statistics but instead the statistics themselves must be racist.

You can’t state statistics about the murder rates among minority groups while also showing all ethnicity without being accused of racial profiling. Because they call it a profile instead of a statistic is somehow less true.

We have become a society that places blame instead of one that accepts blame and works towards solutions.

Instead of enforcing truancy and code of law we lesson police presence and allow more dropouts to avoid looking like we are over-policing minority communities. We pour billions into school resources to have them eaten by greedy unions and not create one new shovel ready job, add one new brick, or buy one more computer in the inner cities.

Between the poor grade of education, danger in the halls and playgrounds of our schools and the utter lack of jobs after graduation it’s easy to blame society, but the truth is it is the violence of our generations, the waste of our generations, the apathy of our generation and our arrogance that fuels today’s failure. We don’t help police schools and support them with funds to raise buildings and buy computers. That as we see it is the job of government, forgetting the government is Us! So many resolutions come to mind from this alone.

There is so much we can do to cut crime in our neighborhoods by spending more time disciplining our kids and less time watching what others are doing to discipline theirs.

Instead of juvenile hall, our kids need to worry about pissing daddy off again which means mom and pop need to make more effort at both being in the lives of our children. It’s not rocket science, you give and take and soon you have 16 years of love like my wife and I shared on the 28th of December. Don’t let the system have these kids without a fight. LOVE YOUR KIDS and RAISE THEM RIGHT. These are always among our New Years Resolutions.

2017 New Year Resolutions for America

  1. Don’t drive 30 miles to start a business or shop at a safe store, help with neighborhood watch, buy locally, and build jobs at home.
  2. Be your kid’s role models, not your past but the you that learned from your past.
  3. Love your skin because others love you regardless. Remember that black men sold black families to brown men who sold them to white men. While white men had slaves it was other white men who freed the slaves. Who fought to give them the right to vote and desegregate schools. Who offered rights of property etc.. In fact less than 30% of white men owned slaves at any point in the U.S. and it was here in the U.S. that civil rights for minorities became a 100+ year battle that began decades before the civil war & continues today.
  4. Honor your heritage by demanding that your fellow man come across the borders and by boat to the U.S. As legal immigrants, not thieves in the night who just take what you worked so hard for.
  5. Raise money for a school near you.
  6. Give all people Democrat and Republican, Libertarian and Independent a fair hearing before you choose who’s right and who’s wrong. If Donald Trump can reach across the isles and offer staff positions to certain democratic leaders we can all tolerate and debate that annoying son in law.
  7. Focus less on fighting at home and support fighting a common enemy that wishes all of us dead, black, brown, white, and the rainbow because we do not have a fanatical belief in their chosen and murderous religion. We need to stop debating about whether pacifist and radical Islam are the same and realize the man with the Gun or Bomb, or driving that massive truck into the crowd has gone beyond the scope of any faith and is a treasonous radical who must be dealt with. They have stopped being Muslim and Islamic and become 100% Terrorist.
  8. We need to treat the United Nations as that plague they are and realign ourselves with our allies such as Israel, and NATO.
  9. We must all support the idea of American Made with American Paid choosing products made here first. Don’t like losing your job overseas stop turning up to your job at a GM plant in your new Toyota you dumb son of a bitch.
  10. Be willing to work harder to get ahead instead of blaming others when you don’t. Your earnings are usually a good judge of your personal value. If you are great at your job your employer will want you to manage others. If you manage others well they will increase your salary and give you even more control. Do this well enough and someday you will run this plant or someone will come along and pay you even more to run theirs. Save the money and put it to work and soon it will be your plant and you will also promote those people worth the most to you.

Follow these resolutions and we will help restore the American Dream and Make America Great Again. Good luck and God Bless you in the New Year 2017.

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