About Us

About theFreeGuru

theFreeGuru is a blog and social community built around the marketing end of conservative blogging, and seeks to help develop the best in new media since the Mainstream Media here in the United States has become so unraveled and filled with fake news.

Our mission includes helping new political candidates find their voice on the Conservative Republican platform and be able to articulate it and distribute the message long before they even announce a candidacy. We believe there is never a point where it is too early to get your opinions out to your target markets even if you may choose later that your future campaign blog should just be a hobby or business blog built around your core principles.

Our Editor in Chief:

Andy Anderson theFreeGuru Conservative blogAndy Anderson is a former Town Council Member, chairman of WACOG Advisory Council, and LaPaz County Republican Party First Vice Chairman and Chairman Pro Tem in Arizona. He also served as vice-chairman of registrations and tally for the State Republican Party and has worked 2 Gubernatorial 1 Successful and 2 Senate Campaigns both successful and 1 Presidential Campaign on the County level.

Andy’s strong points are in fundraising ideas, team motivation, and local and national marketing campaigns. He also is well versed in Party Platform and overall conservative principals, despite the fact the ideas on this blog may not fit with those of the official Republican Party Platform. In retrospect, these are my values while I help you shape yours and am fine with the idea no two people are the same and we may disagree on issues from time to time.