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Before you waste time we need to go through some programs not accepted on our site. Those are programs, companies, candidates, and advertisers who support criminal behavior, have openly socialist or leftist political views, appear to be a scam of any type including HYIP, Ponzi Scams, Gifting, Bogus Charities, Securities Fraud including Crypto and Forex investment sites not able to be verified easily as a legitimate program.

Sites showing nudity, excessive profanity, or sponsoring hate speech need not apply. If you think we should be divided by race or sex the Democrats are glad to have you we are not.

What we seek in an advertiser:

Family first, preferably openly Christian, morally aligned with our conservative values, and willing to stay with us even when the left tries to silence our voices as Conservative Americans. We will fight hard for your rights and beliefs in every post and we may call it wrong from time to time but we will be your media source where possible and expect the same level of honesty and integrity in our advertisers.

What we offer to those who Advertise on theFreeGuru

We offer excellent exposure driven by both first-class search engine marketing practices and social media-driven sources of website traffic. We currently have over 18,000 followers between our numerous social profiles including 14K followers on Twitter and growing. Our Twitter account alone sees nearly 3,000 daily views and has a decent engagement rate. We follow back influencers in business and politics and have our ear to the ground for the voices of common Americans who are fed up with High Taxes, low results Government that is rapidly stealing our freedoms.

From business owners, and leaders, to top marketers and the best in Conservative voices we reach an excellent audience that is multi-state and multinational. Our blog can help Conservatives in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, and we adore our readers, always offering great value for their time and readership.

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SizePlacementQTY AvailablePrice MonthPrice Quarter
300×100right sidebar12 Shown 3 @ time$100$269
300×250right sidebar6 Shown 1 at time$200$539
300×600right sidebar3 Shown 1 at time$400$1079
Candidate Bio or Company Review.1 PostN/A$150N/A
Banner Creation1 any sizeN/A$50N/A

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