We are proud to offer advertising to the Online Marketing and Internet Business world at affordable rates.

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Our traffic is generic search engine traffic and targeted advertising combined. We also drive social media based traffic across our branded pages and profiles on nearly every major social network including industry specific networks like Apsense and IM Faceplate. I am a Warrior Forum member and known talent in network marketing and affiliate marketing training. When I post new content which will now be every couple days I can drive thousands of unique visitors to this blog each month.

All those eyes on your online business is a pure win situation.

Advertising comes in multiple formats on theFreeGuru but there are sites and services we just don’t promote. We do not promote websites or programs that are basically cash for cash with little to no product of value. This includes all ponzi scams such as cash gifting, direct pay, matrix cycler, investment surfs, doublers, or any program that is similar to JBP, or Feeder Matrix. We also do not promote adult content ie sites with nudity, death, Racist banter, or other restricted status websites and no sites promoting criminal activity.

Top Sponsors Block: 300x100px banners, maximum 3 banners sold on first come first served basis.

Advertising Spot 2: 125x125px There are a total of 4 spots available in this standard button sized banner.

Newsletter Text Ads are limited with just 5 spots in each edition. Text links will reach our most engaged readers, who subscribe to e-mail updates and insider business tips from Andy Anderson and occasional guest authors.


Social Media Blast – Our followers on Twitter are over 13 K and fully engaged with our tweets. Our Facebook profile and pages get consistent interaction and engage over 1300 users, on Google Plus we own a successful home business group, have a Special hot In Yuma Business Page and have over 1800 followers.

Program Reviews: Please note that my reviews are always honest and not always in the favor of the advertiser. If your program is one among our restricted list of sites we will post a scam warning. Legit businesses have nothing to worry about, they need only make a copy of their product available for review and provide any background information they feel will help their cause. Honest website or product review: $45 plus  copy of product to review  return service for loaned item must be paid by the advertiser and agreed to by e-mail negotiation. Memberships must be for a minimum 1 month for adequate review and must be full access as if the author were a paid member at the level you wish reviewed. Your review will be permanent on our blog and optimized for SEO.

Advertising Price List


300x250px $149.00 per month. $750 for 6 months (SAVE $144)

125x125px $59.00 per month. $499 for 6 months. (SAVE $309)

E-Mail Newsletter Text Ad $69 per weekly issue $180 per month. (SAVE $36)

Program Reviews: $99 with lifetime link, do follow (for non affiliate links) and a week in our featured post slider at the top of the home page.

Social Media Blast: $39 for all 3 major networks and locations on networks.


Affiliates are welcome but only one affiliate may purchase an advertisement or review for the same program so act now before someone else in your company decides to advertise. Please note that Traffic Programs perform best including courses on traffic generation including those for blog and social media marketing lessons.


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