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Cheap WordPress Hosting from Pro Business Saver Review

Started in 2006 a small website host was launched as AZ Anderson Hosting and began operations as a website hosting provider host and web host recruiter. Flash forward to today and the company re-branded to Pro Business Saver is still green and growing with the same foundational goal as their early launch. Bring Affordable quality cheap WordPress hosting to the business world.


We have grown a lot since our humble beginnings as a hosting re-seller.


Our data centers are larger, we offer low cost cloud based cheap WordPress hosting and some of the best deals In the industry on domain names and dedicated server hosting. Our flagship program is WordPress Hosting which is often sold at a budget price but seldom full featured. While our price is under $4 a month for single domain hosting, enough for a major blog with the ability to upgrade to multiple domain hosting as your business grows, there are under cutters offering less robust services for as little as $2 a month.


Cheap WordPress Hosting from Pro Business Saver


We admit we are not the lowest cost Cheap WordPress Hosting company but our competition in the price range typically is a mere bait and switch.


Plans from companies both bigger and smaller will tout Unlimited Bandwidth but throttle your service with low maximum CPU or central processing unit load quotas. That’s an upgrade. Offering a free domain it’s often first year only with high annual fees to keep your domain starting year two. Another upgrade. They restrict hard drive space which limits the number of pages, images, videos your site can host. Often these accounts are no bigger than 5GB which is fine for year 1 of your blog. But avid bloggers find themselves needing to upgrade in year two to an account with more or unlimited disk space.


Our Cheap WordPress Hosting Best Deal offers the following features and more and includes a truly Free Domain Name.

Entry Package


We offer upgrades but most blogs can grow to tremendous size on this cheap WordPress hosting basic plan.


Our Hepsia control panel is easy to navigate. It’s filled with tutorials sure to make you an expert webmaster, in short order. Even better is our Softiliscious Installer which boast dozens of web scripts at a simple one button WordPress installation. You can even choose to have WordPress or one of these other scripts installed automatically before you even log in your first time.


Convenience, affordability, and full featured service make our Cheap WordPress Hosting solution a total slam dunk. Pro Business Saver has been here 11 years and is not going anywhere. Pro Business Saver is known for real 99.9% Guaranteed up-time. Customer service in 2 hours or less, usually just minutes and our extended family service guarantee. If you feel mistreated we will take steps needed to make things right within reason. Whether you are a Dedicated Server Customer spending $100+ a month or a Niche Blogger. PBSaver’s Cheap WordPress Hosting you will be handled with dignity and respect.


So why select Cheap WordPress Hosting over my current free blog?


Bloggers, need to be found online to grow your readership. Free Blogs are cheaper than a self hosted blog. But will never rank as high in the search engines. With a self hosted blog on your own domain name you will always rank higher. Rank faster for the same articles which means more traffic while your post are hot off the press. That’s more ad clicks, more subscribers, more affiliate revenue. All around more money from your Cheap WordPress Hosting.

Creative freedom and need for ownership are main reasons to go self hosted and get off the free platform. Bloggers that host with you are bound by their terms. Terms which include ability to promote your content for their profit. And to seize ownership of the blog if you violate any part of a lengthy Terms of Service. You don’t own your intellectual property when hosting with any free blog host. Don’t take my word for it, Google WordPress Locked my Blog or WordPress Deleted my blog without notice. It happens to you and you could lose years of content in minutes. Your readers won’t even know how to find you.


Can I move my post from my free WordPress blog to your hosting?


With the free WordPress Importer plugin you can export you post and upload them to your new blog with ease yourself of contact support to see if site migration is an option. Check further details on this process via the plugin help documents and WordPress FAQ.  We will always be there to help you and support your move.


Anything else we need to know before signing up for cheap WordPress hosting from Pro Business Saver?


Yes, when you move from owned to owner, and have a domain name to match your blogging style, niche, or name be sure to  hang a We’ve Moved Link on your old free host so non subscribers know where you are, and enjoy the free promotion tools in your back office and use them to meet many new people. See you at Pro Business Saver Hosting wher Cheap Website Hosting doesn’t mean crappy service.

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