Conservative American Jobs Plan Part Two

In the Conservative American Jobs Plan One we talked about addressing fuel cost to lower transportation, energy, and manufacturing cost

We also talked about trade equalization as an incentive for buying domestically made goods, and briefly on promotion of U.S. Manufacturing abroad.


In this section we will address legal cost, over regulation by the EPA and SEC, Obamcare, Taxes , and right to work.


You most often hear about TORT Reform when discussing Health Care, but across the board the current policies on litigation have American Business spending billions to fight of frivolous lawsuits and wrongful litigation. In Criminal law there is a grand jury system to weed out potential wrongful prosecution but for civil law there is no process to weed out claims like those recently overturned 3 times this past month where the EPA sued oil companies over contamination with no study or proof to support their claims, etc…

TORT Reform and the adoption of merit boards a form of grand jury for lawsuits would not just weed out cases of private party wrongful litigation but would also put a stop to a large share of government abuses of the court system. Along the way these juries which would act before a lengthy trial would save potentially billions in wrongful litigation cost.

The EPA and SEC have recently been used and abused to enforce a political agenda with the obvious scapegoating of major banks for following Clinton Era mandates that forced the risky lending practices on banks in the name of Urban Revitalization. Another such abuse was the Auto Industry Bailout which unfairly influenced the competition between domestic automakers and rewarded bad business practices while forcing the sale of majority control of a U.S. Owned Company to a Foreign interest. All of this to reward a greedy union, for excessive benefits which were collapsing the company. Payback for help in the 2008 elections. We must demand that government be regulated against such abuse and the people be given access to a means to halt it.

In the case of the EPA they are and have been operating above the law with the ability to establish policies without a vote of Congress that hold a civil weight equal to or greater than force of law. As such companies pay millions in fees, fines, and regulatory compliance for policies that were never voted into law, and hold no merit under the Constitution. The FCC and SEC as well as the Federal department of Health and Human services all have been granted this blanket authority to write law without due process or public hearing and this Unconstitutional act must be stopped.

As of this posting it appears that the Supreme court is looking at tossing out the Individual mandates passed with Obamacare but the issue of requiring mid and large sized businesses to provide insurance to their workers has not been addressed. If this portion of the law is allowed to stand we will see extreme cost passed on to businesses based on size that not only make them less competitive but also eat away labor dollars that provide jobs. Obamacare start to finish was a massive abuse of power by congress and unconstitutional intrusion on free will and free trade.

The tax policy needed rewards job creators, innovators, and evens out the burden on all forms of business and individuals. The policy of lying and demonizing corporations for political gain needs to be thrown out. Corporations not only pay corporate Income tax at the top bracket but also are subject to personal income tax and capital gains for the investors. Small business is often only taxed at the personal income tax level but in both cases these business owners pay 95% of all taxes paid. The people doing all of the complaining are those in a bracket that pays little to no tax at all who are scared that government will eventually tax them too if the money is not raised from the rich for their social excess programs.

Under the constitution the burden was to be a equal percentage for all, with no one group being left a larger share of the bill. A Fair Tax as it’s called would eliminate all of the tax loopholes and set a flat percentage for all American. Coupled with a continuation of the personal exemption and a credit for job creation, innovation, and discovery we would see companies rewarded for employing more workers, engineering new technology, and focusing on invention and research to keep us at the cutting edge of tomorrow. No one American would pay more than the next in taxes, just as the Constitution states, a fair and reasonable tax system.



A right to work:

Under the constitution we all have a right to work and be paid a fair wage but we are not entitled to a job. Unions and the Socialist mantra are that you are entitled, and all obligation is on business and government to provide. A right to work prohibits things like tenure, appeal to disciplinary actions, or acts that force undue cost or burden on employers. Under right to work, raises and benefits are dictated by competition instead of automatic based on minimum wage, COLA, or tenure. You earn and are promoted based on qualification and performance with nothing guaranteed to those who don’t do the work the company needs.

In a free market under right to work companies needing skilled trades will have to compete for the best employees in that trade or offer some form of on the job training to create future leaders. A job such as Machinist where there are massive shortages of skilled labor and experts demand a premium is a prime example. Currently we have machinist in America earning up to 200,000 per year based on skills and experience while others just starting out earn 30- 40,000 per year. Under a right to work there is no limit to the amount you can earn by applying yourself and working hard to be the best at your job.

The Democrat prefer a socialist system that would reward all workers regardless of effort, experience, and expertise the same Union Scale which provides a minimum and maximum to what each job pays and a guarantee that the best will get the same raise as the worst each year. It removes the incentive to innovate, to continue education, to accelerate and be more because no matter how hard you work under their system the reward is the same. To them it’s evil to be better in any manner than the next guy. They hate business owners, CEO’s and anyone successful because it just don’t fit their ideal of equality.

Businesses suffer under Union rule and part of right to work is a focus on undoing the damage, greedy unions have done to Manufacturing and Industry and getting back to a system that rewards success and hard work. Which America would you rather work under?

Getting back to these principals will put America back into an industrial boom, will remove the fear of collapse in industry, and propel us to being innovative and competitive on a global scale. We won’t be a nation that accepts average we will be the leader that demands excellence and gets results. Along the way America will get back to work.


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