Conservative Blog Audience Growth Mission 2017

Conservative Blog Audience Growth A How To Guide.

conservative blog audience growth

Election 2016 winding down we are facing a firm 2 years for election 2018 and will have a lot of local opportunities to breath new life into politics in 2017. A conservative blog audience growth must take place to meet the demand left by a crooked news media. The Mainstream Media that is filled with liberal brain melting hogwash.

Any conservative blog audience growth chips away at the stranglehold of news media coverage. Done in just such style it passes the possession of fact to the people. We know the crooked mainstream media lies, we just have to embrace new media and combat poppycock with truth.

Why cover local elections in growing a conservative blog audience?

Trust is vital to building a strong media presence and by covering state and local topics you show support of our ideals. You can talk to candidates for mayors, town halls, county commissioners, agricultural commissions etc.. You can get a feel for who best represents a conservative philosophy and may be a major player in the future. By blogging their story to your localized readers you can see conservative blog audience growth where it matters.

Republican defeat Democrats with conservative blog growthWhat is the national effect of this local coverage on conservative blog audience growth?

Grassroots campaigns mean activating local volunteers and arming them with facts to take to the people in your town. By arming these local activist. Subscribers, which include John Q Public as well as precinct committee persons. Doing This will find stronger campaigns and more wins at the local level. The result will be flipping blue to red in counties and districts and eventually states. Great grassroots activity helped flips blue states like Pennsylvania that won the election for Trump/Pence.

Not just that election but conservative blog audience growth also helped win governorship and state legislature seats in these states.

Council members of today must be seen as the mayor and city manager of the future. These people as well as your county republican committee members should be tapped when vacancies occur on committees. And are your electoral base for county commissioners and chair people. Elected Officials must also be built up county wide if they go for district elections like state legislature, or statewide appointments like corporation commission. Leave no appointment not turned red.

This in turn should give you plenty to write about that will build trust.

A Conservative blog audience growth will become a story you can pass on for generations of activist bloggers. Only the truth needs to be told. The opinions do matter but people need to see the human sides of candidates. Due to the nature of people and the human side, they can relate and connect. When I was a town council member people acted like I was something special, mystical, and celebrity. We need to stop having candidates that have a paparazzi following and have people that are able to talk about their platform over coffee with the community.

Conservative Blog Audience Growth is Vital and so is this summary.

Don’t sensationalize. Do not try to cover up flaws. Never fail to cover personal accomplishments of the candidates of your selected candidates, and do not neglect your audience either. Mix in coverage of local events especially committee meetings. A Conservative blog audience growth strategy will be easy to achieve if you do these things.



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