Conservative Owned Business Declaration

We pause from our regular programming to remind everyone that theFreeGuru is a Proud Conservative Owned Business.

theFreeGuru a Yuma Bloggers subsidiary is proud to stand with the true American Patriots that drive the American Workforce. We oppose big government and waste spending. We Oppose oppressive taxes and class division. We believe the answer to our problems lies in job training and business expansion and not in a welfare check.

We believe in true equality, just as we did when members of the Republican Party including Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. stood together for civil rights. We oppose affirmative action and hate crimes laws that provide special rules that either give and advantage to or hold the life of a person at a greater value based on Race, Sexual Orientation, Gender, or Religious Preference, than that of another. We support a just system of laws that fit all Americans.


We support free speech, not political correctness. We will stand by people like Paula Dean as long as people like Drake can use the same word and not lose a career. We do not support the language used but do support her freedom to use the language she chooses without reprisal. Likewise we support Talk Radio against the rising tide of Liberal Censorship and would proudly associate our company with programming such as Sean Hannity and Mark Levin regardless of protest by small minded totalitarians.

We oppose a liberal media that is nothing more than a propaganda machine falsely hiding behind the protections afforded to a fair and impartial press. But for the same reasons we support talk radio we will stand by them should they choose to identify their content as Liberal Opinion to express honesty and transparency because free speech is for all, not just those who agree with us.

We oppose Gay Marriage because Marriage is a Institution of the church that should be protected under the separation of church and state. We support equal rights for Civil Unions because we do believe in equality, free will, and personal choice.

We adamantly oppose Abortion as innocent life can not be successfully spun as a matter of health care privacy. If a Psychiatrist can break silence and warn authorities that a patient intends to commit a serious crime such as murder then a family physician should be able to notify authorities of a woman’s intent to murder her unborn child. We stand with women on a fight for equal rights but no man is permitted murder under any of his rights.

We stand tough for the 2nd amendment. George Zimmerman we salute you for knowing your rights and not fearing the reprisal you have received for defending yourself. I truly wish that racist bigots like Al Sharpton received as much protest and he has driven to your doorstep. Al Sharpton if you read this you need to know you are no better than Adolph Hitler with your totalitarian hate monologue that constantly pits white and brown against black and yellow, your words not ours. You call yourself a civil rights leader but nothing you have done in your life has ever been about unity and equality. It’s all a sales pitch of hate and you are a human piece of garbage for selling it and enticing riots and reverse discrimination. We oppose your entire being.

We stand by the economic policies of conservative business which would drive America away from deficit spending, towards paying off our debt, and into job creation and away from a welfare state. We believe that the best way to care for our elders is provide the young with every opportunity to be great, and become self sufficient or dare we say wealthy. We believe in empowering every American to this opportunity through a education system full of choice and open access. This is why we support vouchers which would allow the hard working mother of 4 who has to work 2 jobs to make ends meet to still send her children to a private school for a better education.

We oppose Obamacare because there is nothing free market, free choice, constitutional, or tax like about it. The supreme court acted as activist instead of defending our nation and each justice who voted in favor of this economic nightmare should look long and hard in the mirror because that day, they ceased being patriots.

We stand by you to pick and choose which of these beliefs you believe in and oppose members in our ranks who would try to bully you into submitting to their own agenda by calling you a RINO etc. Now more than ever conservatives need to unite and not divide and send a message about our core beliefs to a generation that has lost it’s moral and ethical compass.

May God Bless America, and it’s Conservative Business Owners. May his grace be with you and give you strength to stand up and be counted.

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