Dishonest Media Almost Steals Election

Dishonest Media Coverage made for a larger than it should have been swell of support for criminal candidate Hillary Clinton.

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Hillary is subject of so many scandals and criminal investigations she shouldn’t have been nominated. She damned sure shouldn’t have won the popular vote and come so close to winning swing states. Many of those states were up to double digit Trump Leads in polls except the polls covered in the dishonest media.

Dishonest Media Coverage
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So what happened to dishonest media coverage?

The dishonest media downplayed the criminal investigations often calling them politically driven. The dishonest liberal media played up every Trump scandal and demonized him with outright lies. Example: Trump stood against illegals and they slandered him claiming he opposed all immigrants. He wants a temporary hold on Muslim immigration until we can better vet refugees. They claimed he was racist against Muslims.

As the election drew near they went after Trump on women.

Dishonest Media found one clip of Trump speaking rudely about women and started searching to find people who have never in their life made claims against Trump and paid them millions of dollars to tell that story, a made up one on their news talk shows. Yes dishonest media coverage was largely a paid for lie. Hell they even advertise on Craigslist.

In 2018 where Democrats are defending more than 20 Senate seats it will be worse.

I can virtually guarantee that the apologies for slanted coverage will be short lived. We have a two year window in which the mainstream media will try to get you to believe they are fair and balanced. During that time you will see fewer attack pieces on CNN and MSNBC. You will see actual journalism until the Democrats are deep into their campaigns and have chosen candidates. The it will be business as usual until after the elections and that will lead into 2020 when Trump is up for re-election.

So how do we stop this brainwashing, political slant from leftist media?

We continue to develop the new media. A majority of Americans get 70% or more of their news online and most of those site blogs as news sources instead of the mainstream media. Sadly the biggest names in alternative media are Mother Jones and Huffington Post, both beyond slanted to the left. Our goal is to become the new media through blogging and contributions.

So how do I contribute to the New Media.

  • Become a blogger. This is the most time consuming and comes with some cost but is by far the most effective. As we grow blog force and link to each-other we will begin to take some of that leftist thunder and out rank them.
  • Youtube videos. Many of you don’t type or spell well. You have forgotten some grammar skills etc.. Video is an option, record your opinions on news from popular sites like Breitbart, Hot Air, and here at theFreeGuru.
  • Become a regular contributor to sties like ours. Post comments, pen articles, get heard in polls, and consider writing a regular columns, at least once a week.
  • Support advertisers on conservative sites. The left tries to strangle our blogs before they become major media by cutting our funding sources. By considering advertiser who do promote on our sites you help us fund what we have and grow for the future.

What is the best course for becoming a new media journalist or blogger?

Get some training, be it following blogs like or going all out with a journalism course through a right leaning community college or online course like one offered by We Are Change. A leading right leaning news site. These courses will help you hone old skills and develop new skills. A great example is the section on gaining press credentials which will help you interview, local, state, and national political leaders.

We are Change Online Journalism Course

Where do I get started?

You can start with your community or state political scene since most of your local news coverage will be on issues at the local level. As you become stronger and near completion of your journalistic training you can move up to national news.

Jumping into the national scene can be done but the trolls are tough and the dishonest media will make it tough for you to get subscribers at first. By writing for other blogs on national issues you can gain the reputation of an expert or trusted source. You can also build valuable links back to your blog on News and Politics. This will go a long way towards defeating the dishonest media in 2020 and beyond.

2 thoughts on “Dishonest Media Almost Steals Election”

    • Love the layout and information of your hub Page on the President. I was surprised however at how high the scale is on education level to read it. Seems only those who already are Trump Supporters ie… educated people are reachable by the text. Much like the rags you are lambasting are written for the entitled this publication seems written for the educated conservative and our losing battles are mostly in Blue Collar working class which may have lower education standards. In the future, it is by our advice to dumb down the context of your post to open it to a wider audience. Using the Flesh Scoring system is a great way to expand your valuable readership.


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