Starting a Home Business Blog – Choosing a Niche

Starting a Home Business Blog – Choosing a Niche for Success and Passionate Writing


If you are starting a home business and starting a home business blog has some things that must be done to get prepared for success. You will need to know how to choose a niche, how to choose a domain name, and how to pick a good affordable WordPress Hosting company. Starting a Home Business Blog will also include a need for information about taxes and licensing required and you will need to know where to get those questions answered. We will post on all of these questions soon but Niche Mastering must come first.


Starting a Home Business Blog – Choosing a Niche Basics


Choosing a niche is probably the most crucial factor in your success in the early going. It will determine who is interested in your blog and give you a list of early topics, related titles and search terms to write product reviews around. Starting a Home Business Blog requires knowing what you are writing about and who you are writing to.

The easy way to choose a niche is to write down a list of things you love to do or know a lot about and could write on at least 2-3 times a week. We prefer 5-7 times per week, after all you are starting a home business blog. Content is money, more content means more money so some commitment is required.

A good niche is what we call evergreen and has deep sub niche within it. You can try to compete with millions of sites for car restoration but will find a lot easier and cheaper time competing with sites specializing in 68 Shelby GT Cobra 500-KR Ford Mustang Restoration. Stacking sub niche like this can get you ranked for your main niche & gives you quick search engine positioning.


Making a Niche Profitable when starting a home business blog


We talked about ranking for that 68 Shelby GT Cobra 500-KR Ford Mustang Restoration. Which is great if you have one to sell or find an advertiser like Auto-Trader willing to pay for advertising on such a site. When talking about restoring old cars but the big money is in affiliate marketing. You will need to look at easy to monetize sub niche to make money blogging.

Starting a Home Business Blog Mustang GT Image

In thehe case of your mustang restoration blog there are more than 1,000 parts and fixtures in a vehicle that can break or wear out, including brakes. So an article on Choosing the right brake parts when restoring your 68 Shelby GT500-KR Ford Mustang would be a great post. Tie it to a product or set of products where you can guaranteed at least one has an affiliate program.

There are sub niche markets like choosing the right metal fabrication service or choosing the right metal fabrication equipment for the restoration blog. The list goes on. Even writing a post per day you will find 3 years of reviews and content to write about.

Content sourcing for those starting a home business blog


Content sourcing or outsourcing is one way a blogger can fill their new weblog with content. Even when they don’t have time to write it. Using sites like HireWriters can get you a quality post of 1,000+ words in your niche for under $20. Yoast SEO recommends post of at least 900 words to rank well in search engines. With professional grade writing services you pay by the number of words. Good services will let you favorite writers you choose so you can use the same contractor the next time you want a vacation or weekend away.


Be sure to specify a title and keyword for use in your post.


The biggest mistake by those starting a home business blog is that they look at sourcing a niche and sourcing content and forget to source keyword and search terms and use a good SEO Plugin on their blog that helps them get free search engine traffic. Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, Alexa, and even Facebook all have powerful search engines at their core. They send billions of visitors to millions of websites and blogs every single day.

Ranking in these engines means a preferred top 5 rank on page 1 for your preferred search terms. Doing that you need low competition niche search terms that produce traffic. These low hanging fruit are often just a matter of rewording the preferred niche of a blog or blog post. That 68 Shelby GT Cobra 500-KR Ford Mustang Restoration may rank better as Ford Mustang 68 Shelby GT Cobra 500-KR Restoration.

Jaaxy Niche Keyword ReaserchToolJaaxy is a tool that will give you vital data used to determine low hanging fruit keywords. This software checks Google for your keyword. It suggest a range of similar keywords, tells you how many searches are being made for that search term. How many sites you will need to outrank. Jaaxy tells you the ease of competing with them also. It also offers a list of domain names you might secure to break off mini sites. Blogs known as PBN or Private Blog Networks to link into your main post. At $47 a month it is far cheaper than the $300-$2500 a month a good SEO would charge you for half the services.  Jaaxy comes in well under the cost of favorites like WebCeo, Majestic, and Moz.


Starting a Home Business Blog – Choosing a Niche Domain Name


Gone are days of tricking search engines for rank using your main search term as a domain name. It simply doesn’t work unless your whole blog is about that keyword. Instead you are looking for something meaningful people will share on social media. Something they bookmark for later, subscribe too, and remember even if they misplace your link. I used as a domain name instead of free WordPress blogging advice. I did this because theFreeGuru branches into other marketing and home business topics. Two I could brand the name and use the slogan. Giving away the information you can’t pay the gurus for.

That sounds a bit tacky but it’s very true. I may be pressured to take down this post because it covers about 5 chapters of one 30+ chapter course. That course is $47 a month or just over $350 a year. Sure at some time I may link to that course because it really is a great one. For now I would recommend the Jaxxy purchase above anything else.

But keep the advice I give you on choosing a domain name because. The top websites in the world are Facebook, Google, YouTube, Twitter etc… None of them have names that are niche specific. The world knows their names and what niche they serve because the names are memorable.


Starting a Home Business Blog – Choosing a Niche Summary


Tools and tutorials can help you a lot but remember to write for your readers. Instead of the search engines and just sprinkle your keywords in where it makes sense. By now you’ve figured out, that I am targeting the niche term starting a home business blog. With a sub niche of Choosing a Niche. But you read the post because it was filled with great content.  Each paragraph was adding at least one new thought or solution as we progressed. Be passionate, I love everything about my project here at theFreeGuru. If you love what you are doing you will stick with your blog(s) as well.

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