Trump’s best Attorney General choice?

Trump Picks Jeff Sessions as Attorney General but what about Ted Cruz or Trey Gowdy?

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President Elect Trump is establishing a strong, constitutional cabinet that will help rebuild America making us strong against our enemies. Among the names confirmed so far in the Trump Administration, Jeff Sessions who many believe should remain in the Senate. Instead they feel Constitutional Cheerleader Ted Cruz would have been an even stronger pick or possibly Trey Gowdy. While there is merit to both picks both could serve well in Congress as potential leadership. Both would be great picks for the Supreme Court.

There is a world of potential here and the possibility of either of these two men on the SCOTUS or in the Presidential Cabinet or even remaining to lead though and legislation in the Senate makes America stronger.

Regardless of positioning this is the year and Administration of the Constitution.

Trump is putting in real leaders instead of political cronies that often have had severe differences of ideology and opinion. Trump is meeting with Democrats and Mitt Romney, along with others who refused to support his agenda. Tapping them for ideas and begin the united healing of our country that just couldn’t happen under Barrack Obama.

No more division in Washington or nationally seems like a tough task.

With 8 years of the race baiting Obama Admin dividing us as well as two years of trying to sell Hillary to the public based on her gender and not her record, and an unfriendly media makes it seem highly unlikely we can come together for the future but the actions so far give great hope that we will see unity in time with respect and healing.

Focusing on preserving individual rights and expanding the role of the people in their government.

Other major uniting points will come in the form of job creation, as proof becomes the norm. Proof that his economic policies will improve the lives of all people in the US, especially those in minority and low income communities. Minorities will also see that as security improves immigration policy will allow Muslim’s to immigrate as normal. We will still have more paths for people to immigrate legally. The only people who will be adversely affected will be those who break our laws or are enemies of our liberty.

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Think America and we will win.

From price equalization to make it easier to buy American, to a larger middle class with more buying power. America will be great again because of the labor of great people, the ingenuity of great people. We will grow and grow fast because of the blood, sweat, and tears of great people. We will be safe at home because of the great men and women of our military and Law Enforcement. America will win against ISIS because the spirit of freedom religious and non religious alike must always prevail over totalitarian beliefs.

America will win in trade deals as it is the rest of the world which depends on our economy.

We are one of the World’s most prolific consumers. We purchase what the world makes for greater prices than most other nations. Our dollar has become and will remain the world standard because we will restore the strength of the dollar by exporting the dollar more smartly. Our deficits in trade will become non existent and each dollar will again buy more because the dollar is strong and not because it is plentiful in a world of sub standard products.

These things will slowly unite us to one vision as they have for over 200 years. God bless America and people like Trump, Pence, Gowdy, and Cruz.


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