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Our Conservative Mission:

  • To empower new media through marketing philosophy and principals that help them grow.
  • To educate conservatives on platform development and marketing skills.
  • Build the new media, help other bloggers and authors find a voice online and off.
  • Empower fund-raising and successful campaigns that have a grassroots start with the focus on building leaders of tomorrow.
  • To support our Republican and Conservative Independent officials and carry their message to the public.
  • Be a voice that draws people into the fold of conservative values and lets them know they are not alone in their opinions of how our government should function.

Our American Conservative Values and Opinion, Regardless of Party.

We are the Kid Rock, Charlie Daniels, Hank Williams Jr. crowd of rowdy Republicans who have tired of status quo and are fully behind the Drain The Swamp Movement hitting elections near you. We are here for Grass Roots candidates not establishment hacks and that scares the establishment forcing much of the Republican Party to align themselves with a more centristic platform to try and be relevant.

We raise hell. We make noise and we will not be silenced. God is our co-pilot, and our values are based on his teachings and True American Conservative Values. No change politics that are nothing but more of the same old socialist bull poop under a different label.

It is not Progressive to repeat the same failings of Stalin, Mao, and Hitler. It is not in the best interest of America to try and lie your way into subverting the government and destroying the American dream in the name of equality in a system where the richest 3% are equally rich while the rest are equally poor as in Russia and China where the billionaires have litterally no Middle Class padding between them and the poor and slave labor is the norm.

Right To Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness

American Conservative Values Abortion Stance

We believe every life has rights from the moment of conception and a figure or mental state should not affect the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Separation of Church and State was designed to protect the church from the state not the people from God.

We know that sex is for reproduction, and that children are off-limits to all communities of sexual perversion. Thus we do not stand with parents who force their sexual preference or an opposing gender on a child and ask that all children are allowed to grow up in their own bodies and make their own decision on sexual preference and not have a gender and sexual preference forced on them by the leftist narrative.

Equality is a Conservative American Value we hold Dear.

We are a Party of inclusion, not special rights. We believe equality does not begin with a label for what class of citizen we are. There are no African, Mexican, Irish, or Italian Americans we are all Americans putting no heritage first only our American asperations.

We do not believe in the great-grandchildren of slave owners who are more closely related to those White Americans who freed the slaves, gave them right of property, and an equal vote paying reparations. None of us have owned a slave, been a slave, and we all support equality for those who choose to be equally productive and equally bound by our laws.

We are the party of MOM. No more narratives of Mom slaughtering her unborn children being the picture of a perfect Womans Rights hero.

We believe that the mothers of the world can shape America into something beautiful through their faith and inner strength with or without a spot in corporate America. We pine for the days when parents raised their kids instead of Daycare centers and believe job training to be a better use of tax dollars than welfare checks which should be short term.

Conservative Social Security Promise

Conservative Values dictate a solution to secure American financial futures through a strong retirement system built around the individual’s input into society. We do not want to abolish the current social security system for current retirees or those nearing retirement but rest assured that the system was designed to fail.

We can not continue to pour money into an insolvent Social Security Administration that thinks an American in 2020 can live off under $700 a month and that working in your 80’s is a real future.

Social Security is a Conservative Promise

In the place for people under age 30 with less than 15 years in the workforce, we would change to manage retirement savings accounts that bear interest and allow a person to take out what they put in when it is time to retire. We would not remove your current program or cause harm to our parents and grandparents as the AARP is selling you. It’s a bullshit line based on no truth to sell you to the Democrat Party with fear.

Jobs for Everyone, a Conservative American value

We stand behind the Small Business owners and Job Creators of our wonderful country. Conservatives believe in allowing you to keep more of what you earn so you can invest more in the people that make your business great and pay a competitive wage based on the market, not arbitrary minimums.

It is our belief that the market demands greener energies and cleaner industries and to be competitive you need to do these things for your business but not for overpowered government entities like the bloated regulatory EPA.

We know when it comes to salaries that those who hold the most value to your business should be at the top of the food chain and refuse to interfere with your rights as a business owner. Conservatives don’t file lawsuits because you won’t make them a cake and close your business instead of going elsewhere.

Our moral is to respect your wishes and rights to be a Christian Values business and hire who you choose and turn away every customer under a right to refuse service.

Jobs, not welfare are the American Dream and Wealth Redistribution is just another way of saying we will take money out of the middle class and give it to those who refuse to work instead of just to those who can not fend for themselves.

America is the Greatest Country in The World

Above All, we believe that America is the Greatest Country and that there is not a politically correct alternative to saying and believing that. We stand behind American Made and do our patriotic duty through service in the Military, the Community through charity and church, and the public sector.

Nearly every conservative I have met either fund a cause has served our country or is politically involved. Sadly though not even half of the conservatives I have met are even registered to vote. They have been told it won’t matter, that California and New York are ruling the country and they should just prep for an eventual civil war.

We outnumber the socialist and have a far greater agenda for our nation but must rise together. Get out the Vote, now and forever. American Conservative Values matter. We support the Police, our Troops, Our Moms, and LEGAL immigration.